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The difference is in our people. 

No where in the world will you get McDaniels mix of product, people and passion for kitchens and baths!

Nicole Raysin

Team Members 2024

My degree in interior architectural design from Western Michigan University has helped me provide unique designs across a number of industries such as retail kitchen and bath projects as well as commercial healthcare/hospitality design.   It’s important to me that with all the design possibilities today,  function and aesthetics work together to achieve your dream project.

Don Jessup

Team Members 2024

I have a unique background and path to the kitchen and bath industry. In 1972 I began sweeping floors in various construction projects around Lansing and have built new homes and light commercial buildings.  In college I earned degrees in Geology and Geophysics and used that knowledge to drill several exploratory and development oil wells in California. Now I explore new materials and trends for the kitchen and bath industry. 

Since joining McDaniels in 1990 I find satisfaction in encouraging success in our employees and growing my passion for helping customers achieve their building and remodeling goals.  We have the most talented and experienced design team in mid-Michigan who can coordinate the numerous product selections and materials that are now available. Keeping up with trends has been and continues to be a priority to us.

Michael Jessup

Team Members 2024

As the Account Coordinator at McDaniel’s Kitchen and Bath, I strive to foster and maintain business to business relationships between contractors and McDaniel’s throughout the Greater Lansing Area. I firmly believe that our team offers something radically unique within the marketplace, and that is giving our clients the means to achieve whatever goal they have for their home or office. It could be redesigning their kitchen to make smarter use of their storage space, or to provide a place for their family to come together for a meal. It could be building a luxurious bathroom, where the troubles of the day can melt away. It could be renovating an office, to provide clients the reassurance that they have come to the right place. It could even be as simple as updating an older room to ensure that a client’s house sells for the maximum amount the market will allow. Whatever that project is, McDaniel’s has the talent and the tools at our disposal to ensure that if anything is standing in the way of achieving goals, your home project does not need to be one of them.

I am looking for builders in the area who share my view that the customer service needs of a client come first. Let me be your lifeline.

Julie Johnson

Team Members 2024

Interior Design has been my life for over 30 years because the details of any space are what makes it unique to my clients and makes it work for them. A client’s vision comes to life because I work hard to understand their hopes and dreams and interpret them in fresh ways.

Every client deserves to have their home as a refuge and because of the collaborative design process I use, career satisfaction comes from clients who enjoy their home in the way they always wanted.

Johanna Lubahn

Team Members 2024

My career has taken me to a number of countries working with numerous industries.  The common focus for me has always been the customer experience because that is what drives successful companies.  The kitchen and bath industry is surprisingly complex with so many selections available and evolving trends.  Keeping our focus on the customer experience is what makes this one of the most exciting and rewarding industries to work in and has proven to be one of McDaniel’s core values.

John Michael

Team Members 2024

There are a couple of things that bring me great joy in life: raising a family in this great State, cooking for friends and family, and designing beautiful functional spaces.

When designing I draw from my experiences as a family man, a chef, and as a craftsman.  I believe design must be approached with a realistic view of the challenges we face every day in our busy households, and the design must blend seamlessly into how we orchestrate our lives within that space.

I take great interest in listening to my clients’ needs to further understand the everyday hurdles they face in their homes, and together through a process of selections I help them craft a design that is both functional, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all right for them.

Sarah Schnell

Team Members 2024

Growing up I always had a passion for fine art. The idea of creating interactive art through the built environment is what drew me into Interior Design. I have the mindset that your home should be tailored to the personalities of the individuals that live within. What better way to use my talent than to go into kitchen and bathroom design.

I joined the McDaniels family in 2018, after earning my degree in Interior & Furniture Design from Kendall College of Art and Design. I am focused on the care, personality, and concerns of the client. I am also meticulous and always looking for new ideas to improve future designs. What the client values will be translated into their space and stand the test of time.

Tracie Tiedt

Team Members 2024

I started working for McDaniels Sales in 1999 while I studied Interior Design at Michigan State University. I graduated in 2000 with my degree and continued to work at McDaniels in various sales positions until 2008. After a couple years home with my children, I realized I truly missed my passion- working with clients to create functional, beautiful kitchens and baths for their homes.

Every project is unique and to help clients create their dream space is such a blessing to be part of. I am here to guide clients every step of the way with my designs, product knowledge, and experience. I am so happy to have come “home” to McDaniels and my priority is to make your house one you are happy to come home to every day!