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There are many factors to consider when planning a new kitchen or bathroom design, including your chosen style, storage needs, technological innovations, and the room’s layout. Creating a design that is also low maintenance will help to ensure it remains stylish and highly functional. The best way to keep your newly remodeled space in good [...] Read more
McDaniels Kitchen and Bath kicked off our fun and informative Partners in Design series, where we partner with local businesses to showcase their expertise and knowledge. This series is open to anyone and is a great opportunity to learn about everything from photography restoration to charcuterie boards, all while supporting and getting to know local [...] Read more
The style of your countertop is an important consideration for your kitchen or bath remodel, regardless of whether you want a contemporary, traditional, or minimalist look. A new countertop is an investment that should last as long as your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and service your every need. Think about what you’ll be using your [...] Read more
You’ve selected a vanity or kitchen cabinet style, figured out how to finish your walls and floor, and decided on a plan for you layout.  Another essential element in any kitchen or bathroom design are plumbing fixtures.  Water is at the center of kitchens and baths, so your plumbing fixtures are an important functional component [...] Read more
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the space that sells a property, with prospective buyers assessing the kitchen’s design and functionality. It’s where we entertain, cook, work and retreat to, so it must be multifunctional. With so much going on in your kitchen design, it’s important to ensure that it remains [...] Read more
At McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, we take great pride in our work and in our team’s contribution to the world of kitchen and bath design. We strive every day to educate ourselves and apply our expertise to benefit our clients. Extensive knowledge of design trends, materials, products, and the latest technological innovations allows us to [...] Read more
Kitchen and bathroom designs are central to home life and have become even more important in recent years as kitchens become multi-functional living spaces and bathrooms transform into a home spa retreat.  While classic elements of kitchen and bath design are slow to change, the latest trends offer an opportunity to rethink the materials, technology, [...] Read more
Your kitchen design is undoubtedly the heart of the home, so you should invest in making it welcoming and stylish. Even if you don’t throw yourself into cooking or baking, you can adorn countertops and shelves with culinary objects that accentuate your room’s style. Put your favorite display pieces alongside more practical items. There are [...] Read more
When planning a new bathroom design, start by determining your top style and functionality goals. Decide on your bathroom’s layout and whether you need to move around plumbing and fixtures to achieve this look. Select a color scheme and products to create your room’s style including a vanity cabinet with storage, shower enclosure, bathtub, tile, [...] Read more
Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Being familiar with different styles means you can decide which appeals to you the most, which will best fit into and enhance your overall home design, and which will have the best staying power. Arming yourself with knowledge of the different design styles opens your eyes [...] Read more