Is it time for an update to your home living spaces?  Some minor renovations may be possible to do yourself, but when you are ready for a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul it is time to call in the experts. A full kitchen or bathroom design is a large and sometimes overwhelming job. It requires technical and design expertise, understanding of the products required, and budget management.

If you are an organized person who loves design and home improvement projects, you may still be tempted to take on the design role yourself.  Think carefully before you make the leap into overseeing your own kitchen or bath design. It may help to first understand the benefits of hiring an experienced kitchen and bath design professional when deciding how to proceed with your project.

Here are our top 5 benefits of hiring a kitchen and bath design expert for your project:

kitchen design with island

1. Expertise and training.

A kitchen or bath designer has a specific expertise in the functionality and style of those spaces. They understand the layout, cabinetry, storage, and functionality of home living spaces. Their training and experience leave them uniquely positioned to tell you how to get the most out of your space – and to help you understand what will not work. For example, your kitchen designer may be able to tell you that your space and layout will not fit that kitchen island you really wanted but that a well-positioned peninsula can give you a similar effect without taking up as much space!

waterfall kitchen countertop

2. See things in a new light.

An experienced designer will give you a fresh perspective and help you see your space in a new way.  They can help you imagine a new layout, create a more efficient space, and maximize your storage. Your chosen designer should be able to take your ideas on board but help you look at them in a different way and offer ideas you had not considered based on their knowledge, training, and experience.

3. Know all the trends.

Your design professional will be up to date on the latest trends and can offer insights into design ideas that will enhance your space. A local designer will also be familiar with styles and design features that are popular in your area, which can be very important if you are remodeling with a view to selling your home in the near future.

double sink vanity

4. Knowledge of and access to products.

A kitchen and bath designer has detailed knowledge of products available, plus they have access to products that are better than what you find in big box stores. With their in-depth understanding of different products, they should be able to help you get better value for money and decide where to focus your budget dollars. They can also advise on incorporating local materials or one-of-a-kind features from local artists or suppliers.

kitchen design with island

5. Cost and budget management.

What you spend on a dedicated designer not only offers peace of mind and quality, but an experienced designer will also help you get the most out of your available budget.  A reputable designer will make sure you have identified everything required and provide transparent budget advice so there are no late surprises. This allows you to make decisions at the design stage about what you can afford. They will also make sure you spend money on the items that give you the best value, and they can save you money by preventing costly errors during the design and installation process.

dark wood vanity cabinet

Talk to local friends and family about their experiences working with kitchen and bath designers, visit showrooms and check out their online profiles, and talk to the designers to get a feel for their approach.  Our design team would love to discuss your project. Make an appointment with us today!