Have you looked around your kitchen and realized it is time for an update? If you plan to stay in your home and use your new kitchen design for years to come, you may be ready to start planning your dream kitchen.  Consider your budget, look at your top priorities and how you use your kitchen, and then determine the materials and features that will give you the best value.

A luxury kitchen design incorporates top quality products and materials but also creates an efficient design that enhances the lifestyle of everyone who uses your kitchen.  Let’s explore what it means to create a luxury kitchen design.

Determine Your Priorities

What does a highly functional and luxurious kitchen design mean to you? There are many ways to transform your ordinary kitchen into a top-notch space that will be ideal for everyday life and entertaining.  The first step in this journey is to examine your family, home life, available space, and preferences.  Your idea of a luxury kitchen design may be different to someone else’s and it is key to identify your own priorities before you get started.

How do you plan to use your space? Do you cook every day or just on the weekends? How often do you entertain? Just because your neighbors included granite countertops and professional appliances does not mean this is the right choice for your home.  If you entertain regularly but always cater instead of cooking, you might invest your kitchen footprint and budget dollars into entertainment spaces instead of pro appliances.  Work with your chosen kitchen design expert to cater your remodel to your requirements.

kitchen island with white barstools

Plan Your Layout

A highly functional kitchen design must incorporate everything from food prep to cooking to dining zones, but could also include space for study, home working, or crafts. Today’s open plan kitchen remodels must be well-organized to make sure these diverse functions can operate in tandem without interfering with each other.  A zoned layout, efficiently planned with ample storage and workspace is the foundation of any kitchen design, but is especially essential to allowing your luxury kitchen remodel to take center stage.

Decide what works and what does not in your existing kitchen and go from there.  Let your own requirements and your design expert guide your choices, decide if you need to change your existing layout by removing or moving a wall, and create a space that will serve to enhance your home life for years to come.

kitchen island with blue barstools

Choose Quality Materials

There are a diverse range of options available for kitchen remodeling materials, with choices for every style and budget. Like many aspects of life, you get what you pay for in kitchen design selections. If you are remodeling to stay in your home and plan to use your kitchen for many years to come, then your ideal option is to select the best materials you can afford within your budget.

Create a style icon that will be a joy to use every day with top quality materials like custom wood cabinetry and hardwood flooring.  Granite, marble, or quartz countertops are long-lasting and eternally stylish, paired with a tile or slab backsplash.  Bring stunning metallic accents to your kitchen remodel with top quality hardware, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures that create a design focal point.  Natural elements always elevate a kitchen design, so consider including natural stone or create a section of countertop in wood to add warmth to your space.

kitchen island with white countertop

Maximize Your Storage

Storage is central to every kitchen design, and the goal of your new kitchen should be to maximize storage to increase efficiency and reduce clutter.  In a luxury kitchen remodel, outfitting your kitchen cabinets with the latest customized storage accessories allows your stylish design to shine through and makes the time you spend in your new kitchen much more enjoyable.  With well-planned storage your surfaces will never be cluttered, you can easily find everything you need, and the kitchen is much easier to keep neat and clean.

Determine what you need to store based on how you use your kitchen design and go from there.  Start with the essentials like food items and plates, glasses, and silverware.  After that create space for the things you need like cooking utensils, small gadgets, and pots and pans.  If you are an avid baker, consider creating a dedicated baking zone with a marble countertop for rolling out pastry and customized storage for baking trays and supplies. Include a mixer lift to easily stow and access your stand mixer.

kitchen cabinets with pull out storage

Here are a few of our favorite storage accessories:

  • Deep drawers are ideal for heavy items like pots and pans and small appliances or plates, with everything organized using a peg system or dividers.
  • Tray dividers keep cumbersome baking trays and cutting boards neatly stowed.
  • Swing out shelves or corner drawers turn your otherwise disorganized corner areas into handy storage.
  • Neat inserts are available for all your small items to transform muddled drawers into well-organized spice or utensil storage, among other things.
  • Pull-out and roll-out racks and trays keep all your food items, pet supplies, gadgets, and everything else you need organized and accessible.
  • Pull down or pull up shelves bring otherwise hard to reach spaces within an arm’s length and are also ideal for those with limited mobility.
kitchen pantry roll outs

Add a Walk-In Pantry

In addition to standard kitchen cabinet storage, a walk-in pantry is a top choice for a luxury kitchen remodel.  While pantry storage can be incorporated anywhere from a section of cabinets to a small alcove, a full, purpose-built, walk-in pantry takes your storage to the next level. If space and budget allow go one step further and create a full butler’s pantry with extra food prep or clean up space.  This can transform the way you entertain by serving as a staging zone for your appetizers and offering a place to hide away dirty dishes while the party is still in full flow.

A large, dedicated pantry means all your food items are well-organized in custom storage, and you can find everything you need with no hassle. With a sizable pantry your storage extends to small appliances, entertainment supplies, and seasonal items.  Avoid that trek to the attic when you want to find your Thanksgiving themed serving trays, or when you are ready to swap them for your special Christmas dishes. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips, without taking up space from your day-to-day storage.

Create an Entertainment Space

If you love to spend time with family and friends, or even need to entertain work colleagues from time to time, your luxury kitchen remodel will be a game changer.  The kitchen always becomes a focal point for parties, but this is even more true in an open plan layout. Start by creating a distinct zone for entertaining that is separated from the cooking and clean up areas, for example by using your kitchen island. Include ample seating for guests, from barstools at the island to a cozy breakfast nook that transforms into a quiet place for guests to relax. In a large kitchen design, you could incorporate soft furnishings such as a couch or armchair, where guests can kick back and soak in the atmosphere.

kitchen design with beverage bar

A fully equipped beverage bar is essential to creating a luxury kitchen designed for entertaining.  While any kitchen can incorporate a small beverage center, the luxury kitchen offers the space, budget, and scope to create a large, fully outfitted, and sometimes also specialty beverage bar that enhances any gathering in your home.  Position your beverage station away from the main cooking area to allow guests to refill drinks at their leisure.  Include custom cabinetry and storage, with plenty of space for glassware, drink supplies, and small appliances like coffee makers and blenders. Glass front cabinets or open storage are ideal for displaying special glassware or cups. An undercounter beverage or specialty wine refrigerator holds cold beverages, and a second dishwasher means you can stow used cups and glass straight away without having to haul them across the kitchen.

If you love a great cup of coffee, a built-in coffee maker is an ideal addition, surrounded by all your coffee supplies to create a custom barista station. If margaritas are your passion, include space for your blender and specialty glasses, plus lit displays to showcase your collection of tequila bottles.

Up Your Cooking Game with Pro Appliances

Cooking is still the heart of the kitchen, and appliances are your tools for the main functions of a kitchen from food prep to cooking and clean up. If cooking is your passion, then investing in top-of-the-line appliances will completely transform your home cooking experience.

  • Smart refrigerators work for you by monitoring your supply, tracking expiration dates, and creating shopping and recipe lists, all connected to your smart devices for easy management.
  • Professional ovens bring out your inner master chef, while the wide range of specialty ovens available simplify home healthy cooking.
  • Large freezers and freezer drawers make advanced meal prep a breeze and mean you will never run out of ice cream.

Pick the appliances that will work for you and turn your kitchen design into a home chef’s paradise.

kitchen with GE Cafe Series appliances

Go Big with Your Islands

Once you have the space, a kitchen island is a must have for any kitchen design. In a luxury remodel, install a large island that enhances both the style and functionality of your room. There are so many islands in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that is perfect for your kitchen. The key is to pick an island that is proportionate, so you don’t overwhelm your kitchen layout or leave a too small island lost in the middle of an expansive kitchen.

Decide how you want to use your island and plan accordingly. Some people like to have their sink in the island so they can prep food or clean up while keeping an eye on the kids. Another option is to have the cooktop in the island, allowing you to cook and chat to guests at the same time. If your kitchen design is expansive, consider having two islands where one is focused on food prep and the other is solely for entertaining and dining. Another increasingly popular alternative is a T-shaped or L-shaped island with one end designated for a dining table.

Utilize your island to showcase your kitchen design style by adding luxury materials and contrasting colors to this design focal point. Dark island cabinetry contrasting with white perimeter cabinets gives a stunning effect, while the island is an ideal place to add a high-end countertop material like granite, marble, or wood. Or stick with a durable quartz for a hard-working island but give an opulent effect with a double waterfall edge. Finish it off with comfortable seats and lights that showcase the center of your kitchen design.

large open plan kitchen design

Make a Statement with Color Schemes

While a neutral color palette is the usual choice for a kitchen design, there are many ways to add contrast or pops of color to turn your color scheme into an eye-catching style statement. White, gray, beige, and brown are staples of kitchen remodeling colors, and never go out of style when applied through quality materials and natural elements like custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. Black and navy have grown in popularity and can be seen in anything from cabinet tones to backsplashes.

Other shades like jewel tones, turquoise, coral, and green have become more popular and can transform your kitchen design, either in big ways like cabinetry or small ways like accessories.  Contrasting colors make a big style impact like white perimeter cabinets with a black finish island. For a small but impactful contrast try a white subway tile backslash with dark grout. Pick a favorite accent color and accessorize with small appliances, artwork, or a vase with flowers on the countertop.

blue and white kitchen design

If you are creating a kitchen design that you plan to enjoy for years to come, maximize your budget to create a space that will enhance your home’s style and improve your lifestyle.  Bring luxury to your kitchen remodel through a classic style paired with quality materials, customized storage, and appliances that make cooking fun and easy.  From family dinners to Friday night cocktails with friends, your kitchen design will become the center of life in your home.

Are you ready to create your ideal kitchen design? Contact our team today to get started!