One of the key decisions you will make in planning a bathroom design is whether to include a bathtub, a shower, or some combination of the two. Recent bath design trends will tell you that many people opt to remove a bathtub from their space to allow for a larger, more luxurious shower. Where they include a bathtub, homeowners often select a freestanding tub along with a shower if their space allows. Freestanding tubs are popular as they offer the practical features of a bathtub, but also serve as an eye-catching centerpiece in the room.

Those are the bathroom remodeling trends, but what is the right choice for you? A bathroom design professional can help you understand your requirements and make these tough choices. Before you get started on your new design, it is best to ask yourself a few questions to help frame this discussion:


Do you plan to stay in this home long-term?

If you plan to sell your home in the short term, this may affect your choices in selecting a tub or shower. Large showers are a hot item like this bathroom design in East Lansing, and can be a top selling point. Spacious, glass-enclosed showers or open shower designs with multiple showerheads offer many benefits. They create a spa-style atmosphere in the home for ultimate relaxation and offer easy access to the shower for those with mobility issues.

Bath design with large shower

Is this shower enough?  If you plan to sell your home it may not be, as prospective buyers with small children typically look for a home with at least one bathtub.  If you expect to sell, keep at least one bathtub in place so you do not limit your pool of prospective buyers.


What is the age bracket in your household?

A bathroom remodel is an investment and should stand the test of time.  If you are choosing a new bathroom design today, you would expect to use that same bathroom for years to come.  Consider the age bracket of the people who will be using that bathroom today – and for the period of time you expect the bathroom to last.

Are you a young family with small children?  A bathtub is typically a central feature that will be used regularly, so you must have one in your home.  Are you empty nesters, creating a bathroom design for only you and for aging in place in your current home?  You may consider removing the tub from at least one bathroom in order to have a large, walk-in shower, perhaps with a built-in bench and grab bars.


Which bathroom are you remodeling?

Your decisions regarding tubs or showers can vary depending on which bathroom you are designing.  If you are updating your master bath and prefer showers, it may make sense to ditch the tub and give yourself more space in the shower.  If this is a hall bathroom remodel, then you usually want to keep a tub either for use with your own kids or to attract buyers with children.


How much space do you have?

Are you tight for space, or is this a large bathroom?  If your bathroom is small, you may have no choice but to include either a combination bathtub/shower or a shower only.  This is not as limiting as it sounds as there are many updated styles for combination tub/showers to suit your requirements like this bathroom design in Okemos.

bath design with tub shower combination

On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom (or have the space and budget to move a wall to alter the layout), you can easily include both a spacious shower and bathtub.  Use that space to include an eye-catching freestanding tub or built-in tub, both available in a variety of styles to suit any bathroom design, from traditional to contemporary.  Next, design the shower of your dreams with a large, glass-enclosed or open shower, a shower seat, ample built-in storage, and rainfall and handheld showerheads like the bathroom remodel in Grand Ledge pictured below.

Bathroom design with tub and shower


Do you prefer a bath or shower?

Bathroom design trends indicate that more adults love a relaxing shower than a bath.  You are not a trend, so consider your own preferences and set up your bathroom the way you want it.  If you love a long soak in the tub, include a luxurious bathtub to accommodate your own needs.

Bath design with whirlpool tub

If you never use the tub, consider removing it from the master bathroom design and replace it with a more spacious shower.

Are you inspired to get started on your new bathroom today?  Visit our bathroom remodeling gallery or stop by our showroom to browse the latest products and design displays, and to talk to one of our experienced bathroom design specialists.