The bathroom is the ultimate place to energize or unwind at home. Whether starting your day with an invigorating shower or ending it with a soothing bath, there are a multitude of ways you can achieve a relaxing atmosphere through clever bath design.

It’s impossible to relax when you are faced with a messy bathroom.  Start by decluttering, followed by a deep clean. Then utilize all your senses to think about what elements you need to maximize and eliminate in your bathroom remodel, from mood-enhancing music to clutter-concealing storage.

While the bathroom design is a functional place, giving it a beautiful form and spa-like elements will make it a luxury retreat. Here are our six tips for a bathroom designed for relaxation.


The bathtub is often the focal point of a retreat-style bathroom design so why not make it the true centerpiece with a beautiful freestanding one? Japanese soaking tubs are ideal for small spaces as they are deep but not wide and still offer that luxury retreat feel.  A spa tub will provide the ultimate in relaxation, incorporating bubbles and jet features. Hide away from the stresses of life with a screen, plant or curtain around the tub, or hang a planter from the ceiling to enjoy elements of nature as you bathe. A bathtub tray or cocktail table will hold your bath time essentials. Rose petals, bath salts and essential oils soothe aches while music from waterproof speakers drown out household sounds at the touch of a button.

Claw foot freestanding bathtub

If you find a shower more relaxing, consider adding a larger shower (even in place of a tub), a steam shower, and rainfall showerhead or massaging shower jets.  Include a built-in shower seat so you can relax in the shower, and make sure you add recessed storage to keep your shower floor clear and toiletries accessible.

Shower design with storage


Lighting is an important factor in any bathroom design, but even more in the quest for relaxation. Soft lighting will make you sleepy before bed, with candlelight being ideal for a soothing bath. During the day however, natural light works best, increasing serotonin as it floods into the room. Any bathroom design needs ample task lighting in key locations but add soft lighting in the shower or around the bathtub, include a dimmer switch to control lighting levels, and incorporate undercabinet lights to promote relaxation.

bathroom design with undercabinet lighting


Colors instantly set the tone of a room. Blues and candy colors will give a cheerful, coastal vibe while pastels and soft neutrals bring calmness. Greys, greens and whites are soothing and spa-like while neutrals and browns are perfect in a Zen bathroom. Weaving in rich purples will emit a feeling of luxury but keep it simple as you don’t want bold colors and busy patterns to take away from the relaxing atmosphere.

Bath design with wood look tile floor


A key design feature in any bathroom design is customized storage. Cabinetry made for your specific needs will whisk away all the clutter and give you much-needed head space. A relaxing bathroom design should be minimalist without being empty, so it’s a matter of keeping what you need but in a designated place, such as custom drawers for your hair dryer and other beauty tools or cotton balls kept in containers that blend into their surroundings.

White vanity cabinet with black vessel sinks


Add decorative items, but don’t overwhelm the room. Select what candles, flowers and towels will fit. Photos and treasured items inject personality, but not too many or you will lose the spa feeling in a sea of clutter. Rugs and seat cushions add some warmth and plants are a surefire way to reduce stress levels. Eucalyptus, for example, will release its relaxing oils in heat and steam, while Lucky Bamboo displayed in pebbles is the perfect plant to compliment a Zen bathroom.

Bath design with natural materials


Use earthy, natural and organic materials when creating your spa-like retreat, like the pebble tile shower floor in the bathroom design in Lansing pictured below. Stones and water features give a Zen feel and wood brings much-needed warmth to a relaxing bathroom design. Rustic wooden wall panels, wood flooring, and tailor-made wooden cabinets invite nature and serenity into your bathroom remodel. Textured natural options such as a river rock shower floor or cedarwood bath mats are excellent for tired feel.  Even better, add radiant underfloor heating to your bathroom floor to make your feet happy every time they step onto a warm floor.

Shower with pebble tile floor

These six bathroom design ideas should effortlessly transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of calmness. Contact our showroom today and let our experts guide you through your bathroom remodel, taking the stress out of decision-making.