Your bathroom, especially the master bathroom design, should be functional, beautiful and above all, a place where you can relax. As you get ready to go out, or unwind after a stressful day, you should feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy being in your bathroom. Modern bath design can transform any space into a luxurious and tranquil retreat. A zen bath remodel is the ideal antidote to life’s stresses and strains. Whether you need an intense shower or a warm bath, your renovation should find the right balance between function and style, imbued with your personal taste, to give you a truly relaxing bath design.

bath design with large shower

What Should I Consider When Embarking on a Bath Designed for Relaxation?

Function might not be at the top of your list when you think of how you’d like to relax, but a well-planned bathroom remodel maximizes efficiency and reduces stress. A bathroom that is easy to maintain is also key to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

A long-lasting design, both in terms of durability and classic style, means you have less to worry about and more time to enjoy sinking into your tub. If showers are more your thing, then focus on a luxury shower with all the latest features. A customized bath experience lets you focus on your specific requirements to get exactly what you want and what you will use.

large open shower design

Storage and lighting are also important to consider at the planning stage. List what you need in your bath remodel to ensure your existing layout will still work for you. Moving plumbing and electrics or knocking down walls give you the flexibility to get exactly what you want, but also adds to the cost of your renovation, so carefully review your options and costs before proceeding. Your bath design expert can check that you comply with building regulations. For a really tranquil aesthetic, include a multi-layered lighting design that incorporates soft and natural light. and keep a natural flow for movement between your tub, shower and vanity.

What Kind of Storage Works in a Relaxing Bath Remodel?

Storage is vital if you want to achieve a clutter-free space. Custom storage provides the ultimate solution, as it is both stylish and functional. Work with your bathroom design expert to decide what you need to store and where.  Built-in storage with internal shelving, dividers, and pull-out racks means practically everything can be concealed and organized.

floating vanity cabinet

Including outlets for electrical devices brings another level of comfort to your remodel. Streamlined cabinets that are floor-to ceiling and wall-to wall provide storage with clean lines. You can increase floor space with niche storage, shelving, and wall-mounted cabinets. Just keep displayed items organized to retain a feeling of restfulness.

How Can I Create a Spa-Style Retreat?

Creating a space that’s more than functional gives you a sense of well-being. The current trend of enveloping yourself in comfort is called cocooning. It’s about being more mindful and making a ritual of each little thing you do to unwind. This can be anything from lighting a candle to enjoying a massaging shower. The more luxury features you add to your bath design, the more opportunities you’ll have to relax.

freestanding tub

Keep colors white or neutral and materials clean and organic to emulate the therapeutic effects of a spa. Hang quality towels and choose wall-mounted vanities and toilets. Keep pattern to a minimum and focus instead of reflective surfaces like glass or ceramic tiles. You’ll feel relaxed the second you enter your new bath remodel.

How Can I Use Lighting to Make My Bath Design More Tranquil?

Lighting is a key element of bath design and is even more important when your goal is to relax. Statement lighting is a big trend this year and glamor is the way to go. Why not be bold and hang a chandelier? A large pendant light is another option and creates a focal point over your tub, making it the centerpiece of your design. Recessed lighting is a subtle way of illuminating any space without interfering with the aesthetic. Task lighting, strip and spot lighting can all be adjusted with a dimmer switch when necessary.  Large windows are ideal to bring in precious natural light and skylights also provide a therapeutic light source with extra privacy. Undercabinet lights provide soft illumination in your remodel like this Lansing, MI bathroom design.

White vanity cabinet with black vessel sinks

Can Color Make My Bath Remodel More Relaxing?

The color scheme you decide on dictates the tone of your bath design. Vibrant, bold tones and patterns can be stunning, but don’t contribute to a feeling of tranquility. Color psychology is an approach often used in both commercial and residential designs, promoting the idea that yellow is good for concentration or red stimulates your appetite. A relaxing bathroom demands a limited color palette and the colors you use should be chosen carefully.

White is guaranteed to make you feel calm and at peace. The right shade of blue brings an air of stability and relaxation. Natural wood tones are ideal for a space where you want to feel grounded as you let go of your troubles. Beige, greige and browns work well together or along with white for a spa-style bath design. Bear in mind that accessories such as towels, containers or candles should adhere to the same color palette, or your bathroom can feel too busy.  Keeping your bathroom design minimal and coordinated means it works as a tranquil and stylish backdrop to your daily routine.

vanity with two sinks

What Design Elements Can I Incorporate for Effectiveness?

You can draw on different design elements to make your bath remodel eclectic but calming. The new Japandi trend is a strong example of this. Scandi architecture embraces curves and clean lines. Try and introduce as many curved edges as possible to make your design flow easily. You could even place a curved wall around your tub, shower enclosure or toilet for privacy and to give the illusion of being cocooned. Combining this with the strong structure of Japanese design results in a look that’s evenly balanced and grounding. The ever-popular trend of bringing the outside in to infuse your design with nature, coupled with technology means our bathrooms can be futuristic but natural. A mural within a zen bathroom works as long as balance is maintained. Vintage and modernity, texture and sleekness can certainly be combined as long as your palette remains calm. Take elements of more than one style if they work together harmoniously and your bath design will be a true representation of your taste.

bath design with sunken tub

Should Technology Be Incorporated into a Relaxing Bath Remodel?

When we think of technology in the home it can conjure up images of gadgets and gizmos. A relaxing bathroom should let us escape from all of life’s demands, but technology can be used in a way to enhance this experience. Think about what would make your downtime more indulgent and prioritize that in your bath design. Heated flooring and towel rails can make your bath remodel warm and inviting. Mirrors that won’t steam up and double as screens let you be informed as you get ready and relax with your favorite show in the evening. Voice-activated lighting, shower controls and speakers also mean there’s less for you to do whether on the move or sinking into a bubble bath.

master bath vanity and backlit mirror

Which Tub Should I Choose?

Bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular as places to unwind in and not just use briefly, so bathtubs are really taking center stage. Homeowners are investing in luxurious, deep tubs, often in unusual materials or colors, or with sleek architectural lines, to make them the focal point of the room.

Freestanding tubs are perfect as statement pieces that combine style and function. Modern, flat-bottomed tubs are more popular than claw-foot models as they are more streamlined and take up less space, which is important if you want a large shower enclosure in your remodel. A Japanese soaking tub is also a stylish choice with its space-saving, structured design that is stunning in fragrant wood.

Whichever style of tub you choose, the material it is made from gives it an extra dimension. Aside from traditional options you could choose wood, copper, natural stone or concrete. You can position a freestanding tub anywhere in your bathroom, but facing a window is the perfect place to soak with the added benefit of a relaxing view and natural light. Extra features such as massage jets give an intensive bathing experience with self-cleaning settings so you can relax after your bath.

master bath with freestanding tub

Do Sinks and Vanities Matter in a Relaxing Bath Design?

When choosing sinks and vanities you should keep them as streamlined as possible for a minimalist look. This year’s sinks see alternative materials and finishes but keep your selections warm and incorporate curved lines to echo what we see in nature.

Faucets are available in a range of materials to complement your bathroom design and have many additional features. Water-flow controls, temperature indicators and motion sensor options all cater for your every need. Streamlined vanities are really on trend. Handleless bathroom cabinets and drawers conceal their contents and instantly bring calmness to a remodel. Floating vanities also give a feeling of openness as they leave your floor clear and uncluttered. If you decide on hardware for your bathroom cabinets, choose a material that ties in with other features such as faucets and containers and offers a contrast to the cabinet’s texture. By blending and balancing, you can bring harmony to your bath remodel.

bath design with black sink

Slabs have replaced wall tiles, resulting in calm, uncluttered surfaces for your shower and bathroom walls. This also minimizes grout lines and therefore simplifies maintenance of your bathroom design. Choose the best quality materials you can afford for all aspects of your zen bathroom so you can relax in luxury.

Decorate sparingly with well-crafted pieces so you can enjoy and appreciate every detail. Bring textiles such as throws, rugs, upholstered seating, or window dressings in to eliminate any starkness.  Finally, enhance your finished renovation with calming scents from candles and diffusers and add lushness with plants.

Your bathroom design should be as relaxing and stylish as it is functional. Our bath design experts are here to help you achieve your dream spa-style retreat. Call us today and let us take care of the rest.