Today’s bathrooms are stylish spaces with design features like wood cabinetry and stunning tile that take your bathroom from functional to fabulous.  If you are ready to let you personality shine and move past a neutral, traditional bathroom design, why not consider adding features that give your design a bold edge.  From luxury showers to metallic accessories, here are bold bathroom design ideas to inspire your next remodel.

Stunning Sinks

Bathroom sinks play an essential, practical role in any bathroom design, but they also offer an opportunity to make a bold style statement.  Change up the shape of your sink or go for a unique material to add texture and color, like metal, glass, concrete, or stone.  To create a really dramatic look, add a vessel sink, which immediately becomes an eye-catching focal point.

bath design with vessel sink
White vanity cabinet with black vessel sinks

Marvelous Metallics

From cabinet hardware to light fixtures, faucets and showerheads to shelving, metallics are the perfect way to add shine, texture, and color to your bathroom design.  Gold and black are popular finishes that beautifully update your bathroom and create a striking design. The contemporary bath remodel below left includes gold finish faucets and hardware, while the bath design below right incorporates bold black metallic accents throughout.

bathroom vanity with gold faucets
bath design with black metallic accessories

Beautiful Baths

If a bath is your ultimate idea of relaxation, then a stunning freestanding tub with architectural lines is the perfect addition to create a bold statement in your bathroom design.  From sleek contemporary bathtubs to vintage claw foot tubs, there is a beautiful bathtub to enhance any bathroom remodel  Pair it with an eye-catching floor mounted or wall mounted faucet in your favorite metallic finish and don’t forget to include a recessed niche or nearby shelf to hold scented candles.

freestanding tub

Supreme Shower Styles

Luxury shower designs continue to evolve and rise in popularity for bathroom remodels.  For a really bold design statement include a fully open, spa-style shower. Thresholdless showers are a top choice, combined with multiple showerheads or a massaging shower panel. Let your personality shine through with tile by incorporating textures, patterns, and color in your tile design.  If space and budget allow, go big with your shower and add a built-in shower bench and recessed storage.

bath design with wood effect tile floor

Luxurious Lighting

Lighting is key to any bathroom design, so make sure you include targeted task lighting in key areas like the vanity and shower, as well as ambient light sources like toe kick lights or a dimmer switch to allow softer lighting.  If you want to take your bathroom design to the next level, turn your practical light fixtures into stunning statement pieces by including a glamorous chandelier, brilliant multi light sconces, or industrial style metallic fixtures that help define your bathroom style.

bath design with wall sconces

Clever Color Schemes

White will always be a popular choice for bathroom design as it gives your bathroom a clean, crisp, bright appearance.  Gray is another very popular neutral that gives your bathroom a softer edge and pairs well with many styles.  Warm wood tones also work very well in a bathroom design, especially for vanity cabinets or stylish floating shelves.  Remember you can also bring bold color schemes to your bathroom design and be very on trend by choosing a monochromatic black and white color palette or injecting a bright color into your design in your cabinet, tile, or wall color selections.  If you prefer to stick to a neutral base color scheme, you can always add bold pops of color with towels or accessories.

bath design with black and gold accents

Tremendous Tile

Tile provides the backdrop for a bathroom design and adds visual appeal to your space.  Old favorites like white subway tile will always be in style, but why not create a style statement with a tile feature in a contrasting material, color, pattern, or texture. This can be added as a border, to a storage niche, or shower floor, or even as a base for your freestanding tub.  Or commit to a daring look with a brightly colored or boldly patterned tile that is the star of the show.

shower storage niche

Are you ready for a fresh take on your bathroom design? Get inspired in our bathroom remodeling gallery and then contact us to talk to member of our design team.