There is a perfect kitchen sink for every kitchen design in Lansing, East Lansing, or any mid-Michigan location.

There’s so much to consider when designing a kitchen to suit your needs. The kitchen sink is the real work-horse of a kitchen design, where meals begin and end. The size, shape, material and location of your kitchen sink will make cooking and entertaining easier and can also define the style of the room. Choose from single to triple bows or extra deep sinks, not to mention faucets and accessories to complement your kitchen sink style and functionality. Read on to find out what you should consider when choosing the right sink for your kitchen remodel.

kitchen sink


There are many options available, but the most popular kitchen sink styles include:

Integral– the sink and countertop are made of the same material, giving a sleek appearance, but meaning both must be replaced if one is damaged.

Undermount– mounted directly underneath the countertop. This only works with solid surface  or stone countertops that have edges that can finish the sink.

Farmhouse– large, vintage-inspired sinks (but now also available in sleek, contemporary styles), ideal for washing big pots and pans.

Self-rimmed– this style drops into a hole in the countertop, needing only caulk to fix it in place, but keep in mind the caulk can be hard to clean.

Remember to choose your faucet in coordination with the sink, to factor in the holes you will need for this and other accessories such as soap dispensers.

stainless steel farmhouse sink


If your kitchen remodel is spacious then you might like a large kitchen sink, or more than one. Think about busy occasions, such as Thanksgiving and holiday parties, and what your sink will need to hold.

Deep bowl sinks make working with large pots much easier and oversized sinks are larger again. While large sinks provide more space within them, they do take up valuable counter and cabinet storage space and some require custom-built kitchen cabinets.

Divided sinks are ideal for multi-tasking as they come in double or triple versions like the kitchen design in East Lansing below, but in some sink styles this can mean the bowls are smaller. Dual level options work well, with one deep bowl for washing dishes and a smaller one for rinsing or garbage disposal.

Secondary Sinks are typically slightly smaller than the main sink and located away from the cooking area. It means two people can work simultaneously, even for different purposes such as one for prep and the other for clean-up or preparing drinks when entertaining.

double bowl kitchen sink


There is a huge choice in kitchen sink materials to suit every need, each with its own pros and cons.

Stainless Steel is the most popular and budget-friendly but try a brushed or satin finish to hide stains and scratches and a sound absorbing pad for noise reduction.

Cast-iron is very durable and, despite scratching, it ages well. It’s available in many colors but try to avoid one that will date. Also make sure your base kitchen cabinets are strong enough to support a sink this heavy.

Composite sinks are engineered with materials like quartz or granite, so can be shaped and colored while being durable and stain resistant.

Solid surfaces give uniform color and smooth finishes as they can be integrated into the countertop, however they can be less heat resistant.

Solid stone gives a touch of luxury and is very durable but can stain.

Metals, like the copper farmhouse kitchen sink in the kitchen remodel in Lansing below, look better as they age but do require regular cleaning with a mild soap.

Soapstone is attractive and durable, as is Fire Clay (which works well in a white kitchen design) and Bamboo and Concrete are excellent environmentally-friendly options.

Kitchen design with copper farmhouse sink


There are many additional features to transform kitchen sinks into multi-functional workstations. Pedal-valve operated faucets allow you to operate your faucet hands-free, integrated cutting boards and colanders make food prep easier, while customized inserts for beverages and appetizers make entertaining a breeze. Pull-down sprayer faucets too, will make light work of washing dishes. Carefully consider where you position your sink, as installing it an island allows you to keep an eye on the kids or prepare food while entertaining guests. Make sure your sink also forms part of the work zone near the dishwasher, refrigerator and trash.

kitchen sink with cleaning supply storage

Choosing the right kitchen sink for you will not only fulfill functionality, but become a focal point, enhancing your kitchen design. Contact our kitchen design experts to find out more about kitchen sinks or visit our kitchen design gallery for more inspiration.