Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be a huge undertaking. One way to ensure that the choices you make won’t be outdated in two years is to embrace a classic design. This is also an excellent way to ensure your home appeals to a wide market if you’re planning on selling in the near future. How do you choose a classic look without being safe or old fashioned? Read on for the best classic design ideas that are always in style.

Style Staples

Certain looks have lasted over a hundred years in the design world. One of these is classic tiling. Subway tiles are a solid choice on kitchen and bathroom walls. Their simple shape never overwhelms a design and they come in a huge variety of colors. Penny Tiles are another old reliable with enduring style credentials. Their simple, circular design look pristine against mid-grey grouting and are durable on floors or walls.  Black and white tiles look good in any design and give a retro feel.

yellow tile backsplash

Natural Choices

Resist the urge to go with cheap fashion fixes and invest in less, but quality materials. Classic design lends itself to organic elements such as wood or stone. A countertop in marble or floor covered in rich wood always looks stunning. You can warm up or elevate a basic design simply by adding high quality natural materials. Whether you go rustic or high-end, a nod to nature never goes out of style.

bathroom design with wood vanity

Stay Neutral

A pristine white kitchen or bathroom design is the ultimate classic look. You can never go wrong with this choice and it’s possible to change it up with accents of color from accessories. Window treatments, lampshades, cushions, towels, and rugs can all change the look of a white design. There are warm and cool shades of white as well, that can be layered for more interest. Gray, beige and greige have also become classic color choices. Including texture and tonal variety prevents your monotone color scheme from looking bland. By embracing a neutral color scheme, you don’t need to worry about updating it or turning off prospective buyers.

white kitchen design

Simple is Best

When investing in cabinets, don’t opt for an edgy or over-complicated style. Your cabinetry sets the tone for your whole design, so you might tire of your kitchen design style quickly if you go for the latest fad. Keep things simple with shaker or flat cabinet doors. They both work with any style and have universal appeal. Ensure you include custom storage solutions in your cabinets, so you have an uncluttered kitchen or bath remodel. It makes for a more relaxing design and helps potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

shaker style white cabinetry

Vintage Vibes

Avoiding current fads and achieving a timeless design is best achieved by looking at vintage styles. Something like a clawfoot bath with retro plumbing fixtures lends a touch of class to the simplest of bath designs. A retro refrigerator in this season’s bold primary color makes any kitchen stand out in a classy way.  As well as fixtures and appliances, vintage chic can be embraced with lighting, hardware, faucets, prints and wallpaper. Keep it streamlined but have fun injecting some retro charm to your remodel.

Claw foot freestanding bathtub

Choosing high-quality materials, neutral colors and a pared down style ensures your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel will be classic and beautiful. Whether selling or staying, your remodel will be stylish for years to come. Check out our kitchen remodel and bathroom design galleries for more looks that won’t date. Contact us today to talk about your kitchen and bath remodel requirements. Our design experts can offer guidance every step of the way.