The kitchen is the epicenter of the home, and this becomes more apparent than ever during the holiday season.  Everyone gravitates to the kitchen, whether you are hosting an intimate family dinner or a Super Bowl party.  As one of the most heavily utilized spaces in the home, your kitchen must be efficient and functional, while also reflecting your style and personality.  An experienced kitchen design professional can help you achieve this goal by assessing your requirements, style, and space.  They will also work with you to find the perfect layout and products for your kitchen remodel.

An efficient kitchen must be organized and clutter-free. This is particularly true in a multi-functional, open-plan kitchen design that incorporates space for dining and entertaining.  Customized kitchen storage means everything you need is easy to locate, and work space is kept clear.

Here are 10 ideas for clever kitchen design storage solutions:

Spice it up

If you cook, you know that oils and seasonings are essential, and that those little bottles and jars present a unique kitchen organization dilemma. They must be readily available near the cooking area, but can be impossible to store without cluttering countertops and shelves.  Customized storage inserts for kitchen cabinets and drawers keep every jar of seasoning in place and accessible.  They range from drawer inserts to narrow pull-outs to small shelves specially designed for spice jars.

Kitchen cabinet with spice rack

Creative corners

Are your corner kitchen cabinets a black hole, where you lose baking accessories and small appliances? Combat this kitchen organization predicament by adding customized corner cabinet storage options.  These include a lazy susan, magic corner pull-out shelves like this kitchen design in DeWitt, or angled corner drawers.

Kitchen cabinet with magic corner storage

Pantry pull outs

A walk-in pantry is ideal if you have the space, but not every kitchen design can accommodate one. Pantry pull outs achieve the same goal by keeping food items organized, easily visible, and accessible.

Silverware and utensils

They can easily get lost in a messy drawer, but customized inserts keep your forks and spoons in line. Drawers and pull outs can also be equipped with special inserts to hold larger cooking utensils.

Electronics and entertainment

Open plan kitchen designs are not only the place where you cook and eat.  They are also where you watch television, listen to music, and entertain. Include a designated place for electronics, so phones and tablets stay out of the way and charging cables are easy to find. Add a built-in television and wireless sound system that allows you to listen to music while cooking or to watch the big game while preparing appetizers.

Crockery drawers

Drawers have become a popular option for storing dishes, instead of upper kitchen cabinets. Heavy plates and bowls are easier to view and pick up from a drawer, particularly when paired with a peg storage system.

Small appliances

Keep counter space free by creating designated storage for small appliances, which could include pull out shelves or an appliance garage. Make your holiday baking easier by including a stand mixer pull-up shelf.

Go vertical with trays

Trays and cutting boards can be unwieldy to store as they are difficult to stack and heavy. Vertical tray dividers tackle this storage issue, like this kitchen remodel in DeWitt.

Tray storage cabinet

A place for pets

If furry family members are a key part of your home, create space for them in your kitchen. Include storage for food and other supplies, a cozy spot for your pet’s bed, and a place for food and water bowls.

Beverage station

One of the first things you offer guests is a beverage. From a cup of coffee to a glass of wine, a beverage station keeps all your glasses, mugs, wine bottles, and coffee supplies in order.  Include child-friendly drinks in a small beverage refrigerator so kids can help themselves while you socialize or cook.

Visit our kitchen design gallery to find more inspiration for kitchen organization, or contact us to get started with your kitchen renovation today.