A lot of planning needs to go into a bathroom remodel. There are a number of questions and considerations that will affect how these plans proceed. Is this the only bathroom in your home? In this event, the first thing you’ll need to plan is making other arrangements for when it’s out of commission. Whether you’re planning to gut the existing bathroom and do a complete renovation or simply updating it, knowing this will give you an idea of how long it will be out of commission.

The Amount of Space You Have to Work With

Is this the master bathroom you’re renovating or simply a powder room? You’ll have more individual design elements to juggle, of course, with the former since it has to include a decision on shower or bathtub or both. With a larger space, you will certainly have more options. If you prefer a separate shower area from the bathtub location, this will only be possible in a big enough bathroom. Otherwise, you may have to opt for the more practical and space-saving design of a shower and tub combination. Another decision made possible with sufficient space is the potential for a separate area for the toilet with a door partitioning it off from the rest of the room.


Alcove shower with hinged door


Bathtub and Shower Options

There are a variety of different bathtub styles available when remodeling a full bathroom. If you opt for a freestanding or clawfoot tub, this probably means you’re going for separate tub and shower areas in the room. The alcove or three-wall tub is a practical option for saving space since it is recessed into one side of the bathroom. You can really highlight the tub’s primacy in the overall design by choosing a corner tub. The shape of the room and where the plumbing is located will also influence what tub may be best and where you should place it unless you’re going for broke on this remodel and are willing to spend to have everything where you want it. This may involve knocking down walls and moving plumbing pipes.

Who will be using this particular bathroom will influence many design choices. For instance, if you plan to be bathing kids here, then you definitely want a tub rather than only a shower area. You might think about getting a tub even if you don’t have kids. Unless you plan on living in this house forever, it may be on the market someday, and prospective buyers may be planning to clean kids in a tub in that room. When remodeling, be prepared to decide on whether to buy a new tub or to resurface the existing one if it’s of quality construction but has seen better days.


3 Factors To Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom 2024


Vanities and Other Permanent Fixtures

Space limitations will have to be taken into account when considering to get a single or double vanity and one or two sinks. Mirror and lighting layouts will have to reflect this vanity decision, so you and your significant other using the vanity at the same time will have adequate mirror space and lighting. Having some idea of how much storage space you’ll need ahead of time is critical, so you’ll have enough cabinetry under the countertop of the vanity. The options for plumbing and light fixtures are almost limited only by your imagination. You should be able to find an option that will complement the look and feel of the other design elements in the room.


Bathroom Remodeling, Lansing MI

Bathroom Design Help in Lansing, Michigan

There are other design elements not touched on above such as choice of tile for the flooring and whether to tile all the walls throughout or just around the tub or shower area. If you are in the Lansing, Michigan area and would like guidance with transforming this room, you can trust the helpful folks at McDaniels Kitchen and Bath. Serving homeowners in the Lansing area for decades, we have the designing skills combined with the materials and product choices that you can see in our online galleries or at our showroom in Lansing. Whatever plans you have for the kitchen, bath or any other room in your home, we can help you get it right for a budget you can afford because you’ll be living with your remodeled home for some time.