When it comes to working hard in the kitchen, the humble faucet is hard to beat. From filling pots and washing hands to supplying drinking water, it performs so many basic tasks. It also must physically fit into your kitchen design and complement your overall style. Consider what your requirements are before exploring the faucet features and finishes.

Our experienced kitchen remodeling experts can help you pinpoint the perfect product choice for your requirements.  Before you select your faucet, our handy guide to choosing the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen remodel will help you better understand the choices available.


First, look at where your new faucet will be, and what will be around it, such as kitchen cabinets or a window. Your faucet choice will also be impacted by whether it is installed in a kitchen island or around the perimeter.  If the faucet is corner mounted make sure it reaches far enough across the basin or look at a pull-down sprayer faucet as a solution.

Remember to check the height, reach and counter thickness. You want enough room to get a large pot in the sink, but make sure a tall faucet isn’t obstructed by an overhead cabinet. As we see in this Dewitt kitchen remodel, a tall faucet looks best in front of a window, or in an island.

Kitchen design with single handle faucet

If you are simply replacing the faucet, you need to consider where the existing faucet is situated and how many holes are cut to accommodate it.  New holes may need to be cut, or redundant ones covered with plates, depending on the style you choose.

  • Sink mounted faucets come with up to four holes and are suitable for a drop-in sink style. One hole is the most popular type, being clean and simple with a single lever to operate it. Two holes allow for a side sprayer, lotion dispenser or second handle. Three or four-hole faucets tend to be an older style as they allow for a separate handle for hot and cold but can also make space for a soap dispenser or side sprayer.
  • Wall-mounted faucets are less common in kitchen design but give a clean appearance that looks great. Remember to check where the water will hit the sink and that you have suitable wall space to mount the faucet. One option is to include a separate wall-mounted pot filler faucet near the cooking area, which allows you to fill heavy pots with water without having to carry them to and from the sink.
  • Deck-mounted faucets slot through the countertop behind an undermount sink. Make sure there is enough space between the sink and backslash to mount and maintain a faucet.
double bowl kitchen sink


There are three basic types of faucet handle that all do the same thing- control the water- so how do you know which one works best with your kitchen design?

  • Single handle faucets fit in one hole and control hot and cold water with one lever. The easy-grip lever is ideal for children or arthritis sufferers but is also perfect for operating with your elbow when you have your hands full.
  • Double-handle faucets provide a more traditional kitchen design look and need at least three holes. You can control water temperature and flow separately and repair or replace the handles any time for a change of style.
  • Hands-free faucets work with a sensor. They are ideal for a busy kitchen design, with the added bonus of shutting water off automatically as well as being super hygienic.
Kitchen design with copper farmhouse sink


Look at including a sprayer faucet or even a professional hose coil. They come with steam, jet or mist options, preferred temperature settings and even detachable scrubbing brushes, so you’ll never have to leave dirty pots steeping again. Install an aerator, which increases flow yet saves a huge amount of water. Filtering faucets cleanse water as it flows through the spout, eliminating any contamination.


Once you’ve established the type and location of your faucet, have fun choosing the material, finish and style. Chrome is the most popular and least expensive finish but may show up water spots and fingerprints. Pewter, brushed nickel and solid brass are longer lasting and low-maintenance. Hammered, antique, titanium-coated and oil rubbed finishes come in simple or ornate shapes and an array of colors so push the boat out and go for a faucet that will serve you well and look stunning.  Remember when selecting a finish that your faucet should blend in with your other kitchen design hardware.

stainless steel farmhouse sink

With so many styles and shapes available, it can be difficult to narrow down what suits your requirements. Have a look at our kitchen design gallery to get you started, then call our experts today to get advice on choosing a kitchen faucet and all your kitchen remodeling products.