A kitchen remodel or new bathroom design is an exciting process that holds great potential to reinvent a space and redefine the way you live in your home.  There are many elements to a remodel, but one of the key components is selecting cabinetry.  Kitchen cabinets or a bathroom vanity provide the foundation for your design.  They physically dominate the room, and therefore set the tone for the color scheme while providing essential storage and workspace. When it comes to choosing cabinetry, there are many factors to consider, from door style to wood type, along with your available space and budget limits.

One of the key factors that impacts the style of your cabinetry and therefore of your room is the cabinet finish.  How do you select the right finish for your cabinetry?  Learn more here.

First, get your foundation right by selecting your style and wood type. 

Are you going for a contemporary flair or a more traditional look?  Your chosen style impacts the door style, trim, as well as the color and finish of your cabinets.  It will in turn influence other elements of your design like tile, countertops, hardware, and more.  Your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinetry must coordinate with the surrounding pieces of your design, and even act as an anchor pulling the entire design together.

white and gray kitchen design

When choosing wood cabinets, there is a wide variety of wood species available.  From cherry to oak, wood offers an array of options for your cabinet style in a durable, long-lasting product.  Different wood varieties may work better with particular finishes, so work with your design expert to find the right combination for your home.

Second, decide if you will go for stain or paint.

Depending on the wood variety you select and the look you are going for, you could opt for a stain or paint color.  Stain has the benefit of bringing out the natural appeal of the wood, while deepening the color.  Depending on the shade of stain you select, you will get a darker or lighter finished product, but one that still allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through.

traditional kitchen design

Paint, on the other hand, offers a versatile finish for wood cabinetry, in a rainbow of possible colors.  It covers the natural features of the wood, so is a good choice for wood that has defects or for a kitchen design or bathroom design style where you do not want the natural wood grain to show through.  It also allows you to create a customized color scheme, as the cabinetry can be finished in any color you desire.

green kitchen design

Next, pick your color palette.  One color or two?
Your cabinet finish plays a key role in defining the color scheme of your newly renovated space.  Kitchen and bath design color schemes tend to stick to a neutral color palette, so stained wood or cabinets painted white or a shade of gray are popular choices.  However, depending on your personal style and how committed you are to a favorite color, you could decide to go bold with your cabinet color scheme.  Two-toned cabinet designs are also very popular, for example with island cabinetry contrasting perimeter cabinets, or upper and lower cabinets in different colors.  Discuss your style preferences with your design expert and check out examples of kitchen designs and bathroom remodels in our galleries to get inspired.

kitchen design with barstools

Understand the process of finishing cabinetry and how it will affect the final product.
The process of finishing a cabinet includes the number of times it is sanded, prepped, and painted or stained, which varies from one manufacturer to the next. This process can range from 4 to 17 steps and take from hours up to days and weeks.   The finishing process can also impact cleaning and care of your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity so ask your kitchen and bath design expert how your chosen finish will last over time and what products to use in ongoing maintenance.  The wood species can also impact how your chosen stain or paint will appear, so be sure to discuss this with your remodeling professional and look at samples when making your selection.

transitional kitchen design

McDaniels carries the largest selection of cabinets in the mid-Michigan area and has experienced designers on the team to help you make the right decision.  Make an appointment today and let’s discuss your cabinet selection for your next kitchen remodel, bathroom design, or other home remodeling project.