If you have a pet it’s important to take them into account when planning a kitchen remodel. It’s a place where your family spends most of its time, so it’s only natural for pets to want to hang out there too. Making your kitchen design pet friendly means they’re happy and their needs are included in the layout. Not only are you not compromising on style, incorporating clever solutions for your pet can add to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Can I include pet bedding in a kitchen design?

Of course! Pets love sleeping in the warmth of a busy kitchen close to their favorite humans. The problem is that their bed could be a trip hazard. At the planning stage, see where you can fit a bed into your kitchen design. A dog bed could be accommodated at one end of a kitchen island, either under a countertop overhang or else in a recessed area in the cabinetry.

If you have more than one pet, beds could go next to each other or for smaller pets like cats even go over each other on shelves in your island.

kitchen island with countertop overhang

If you don’t have an island, see if you can move a section of wall out to make a low niche shelf for your pet. Higher up niche shelving will look sleek and stylish and store everything from cookbooks to pictures, so it’s a stylish and practical addition. A lower kitchen cabinet that is out of the way from your main cooking zone can also be converted to a hideaway for a cat, as they like privacy. The addition of a little hole carved in the door gives them easy access so they can purr away underneath you as you work.

Does having a pet influence my choice of flooring?

Yes, it’s good to think of how a floor could affect your pet and vice-versa. Some floors aren’t scratch proof and may be difficult to clean if your pet has an accident. They could also more easily show up loose fur, depending on the texture and color. Tiles are durable and washable but would need a rug for your furry friend to curl up on. Softer options are cork and vinyl. Cork is antimicrobial and vinyl is easy to clean and comes in many styles and colors, to mimic other surfaces. Bamboo is trendy and hard-wearing and is very sustainable, which is often a factor in choosing materials.

kitchen with vinyl floor

How can I keep pet food tidy but accessible?

Food and water bowls need to be close at hand, but not where they could get knocked over. It’s handy to place them together inside a bowl holder in a traffic-free corner. If you store food somewhere else, it could spill across the floor on its journey. How do you consolidate everything? A custom-built feeding station is ideal to include in your remodel at the design stage. Features such as a drawer for bowls, a faucet for water and compartments for everything from food to medication can be incorporated in one multipurpose cabinet to suit your style and your pet’s needs.

pet feeding station

Is it possible to make my kitchen a playful place for pets without compromising its look?

Planning your pet’s entertainment and then incorporating it into your renovation means it won’t overwhelm your design. Playtime is important for a pet’s development and strengthens the bond with your pet. Make sure you have a scratching post or strip in your kitchen to discourage your cat from damaging furniture. Platforms on walls or posts are ideal for cats to jump and rest on. Induction cooktops are ideal if you have a curious cat as the magnets only heat when in contact with a pot. Dogs love having a ball or chew toy so make sure it’s kept somewhere where they can access it and you can tidy it away when not in use.

Your kitchen remodel can be a place where your pet feels welcome and included and where the rest of the family also enjoys a highly functional and stylish kitchen design. Talk to our experienced design experts today about embarking on the exciting journey of kitchen renovation.