As Fall sets in, days become shorter and you’re up to your knees in snow before you know it! Spring cleaning is great for brushing away cobwebs and welcoming the sun, but we should prepare just as much for cold weather. From unearthing slow cookers to installing underfloor heating, there are all kinds of things you can do to make your kitchen design the coziest place to be this Winter.

What can I do to my windows?

When your windows are open in the summertime, you may not notice holes and cracks. You’ll want to address this before the wind starts howling and making your kitchen unbearably chilly. A full kitchen remodel is an ideal time to address a much-needed upgrade to your kitchen windows and doors.  If you’re not upgrading windows, then put sealant around problem areas and repair cracked glass. Dress your windows with lined curtains or blinds in warm colors and this will lower your energy bills as well as cheer up your kitchen.

white kitchen design with window treatments

What are my heating options?

There’s nothing as warming as a wood burning stove in a kitchen. Remember to clean out the chimney before you stock up with firewood. Likewise, check the filters in your heating system to make sure they’re not blocked. If you’re embarking on a new kitchen remodel, look at underfloor heating. Radiant underfloor systems spread heat evenly through the floor, without waste, and quite effectively heat the room from the ground up. Also, there is nothing quite as cozy as stepping on to a heated floor in winter time, especially if your kitchen design flooring is a typically cold material like stone or tile.

kitchen design with wood flooring

What are winter essentials?

Now’s the time to defrost and deep clean freezers and refrigerators and use what’s in there to make way for meals you can freeze for dark winter nights.  Go through recipes for your favorite hearty dishes and organize what you need. Store away popsicle molds, cooler boxes, barbecue utensils and other summer essentials. Bring out crock pots, hand blenders, roasting tins and mugs for winter-warmer dinners and hot drinks.

How do I decorate my kitchen when it’s cold outside?

Fall and Winter are about making an indoor feast for the senses with deep textures, colors and scents. Try new table cloths, cushions, dish towels and oven mitts in rich, warm colors. Pay attention to your table with bowls of fruit, pine cones or nuts along with spice-infused scented candles. Line your windowsill with woody herbs, like rosemary and thyme.  Why not invest in festive seasonal tableware to accent your kitchen design? It’s welcoming and fun and you’ll use it year after year.

Kitchen design with festive decoration

What kind of lighting should I go for?

As the nights draw in, lighting is paramount. Make sure you have a layered approach to your kitchen design lighting plan with good task lighting and softer pendant and mood lighting. There’s no point planning a color scheme if you have dull lighting or dusty bulbs or lampshades. Pendants in warm materials will enhance any design. These stunning copper pendants counteract any industrial bareness in this kitchen remodel in Lansing.

kitchen design with pendant lighting

What colors bring warmth to a kitchen design?

Make a statement with fiery or rich colors and your kitchen instantly feels cozier. Cooler tones can be lifted by spicy ones and further warmed up with copper, wood and wicker materials. Vibrantly colored cabinets really jazz up minimal design and gold or brass accessories add warmth to this look. Warm wood finish cabinetry is always a classic, welcoming choice. Try rich, chocolate browns against white finishes for a crisp but luxurious feel and you’ll want to curl up beside a flickering candle with a mug of coffee.

kitchen design with warm wood cabinetry

What are the best floors when it’s cold outside?

Vinyl and linoleum come in many textures and colors but can feel cold if laid directly onto bare surfaces so always insulate underneath. Underfloor heating works best with tiles or natural stone, which are excellent conductors.  Hardwood flooring comes in a huge selection of colors and sizes. It’s high maintenance but it looks and feels warm. Rugs and runners work with any flooring and keep your feet toasty, but you might want to install carpet in the entertainment zone in your kitchen design, transforming it into a place to relax.

kitchen design with area rugs

Your kitchen can be the hub of your home, incorporating elements of other rooms and, with the right design and maintenance, you’ll be ready to chill out and entertain there without feeling the cold. It’s a breeze! Call us today to talk to our kitchen remodeling experts about the right design for you and check out our kitchen design gallery for further inspiration.