With less than 20 weeks until Thanksgiving and 24 until Christmas, are you already planning your shopping lists and getting the holiday dishware ready?  Of course not!  Unless you are the ultimate planner, the coming holiday season is probably the last thing on your mind now.  July is all about summer activities, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, and vacation time with family (with the occasional diversion to do some back to school shopping).

But remember last Thanksgiving when your oven wasn’t quite up to your gourmet expectations, you couldn’t find the pie cutter in your jumbled kitchen storage, and there was no way you could fit the large roasting pan in your sink (don’t even get us started on the old kitchen faucet with no pull out spray option).  By January you swore you would get that long overdue kitchen remodel before the next holiday season.

If everyone tends to migrate to your home at the holidays, you will be keenly aware of how important a well-organized kitchen is to accommodate the influx of family and friends.  Everyone is drawn to the kitchen to enjoy the smells of their favorite holiday dishes and to pour a drink while chatting to the host.  This set up can work well if your kitchen design is up to the task.  It can be a holiday disaster if your space is cramped, you don’t have a kitchen island, and your kitchen layout is not set up to handle simultaneous cooking and entertaining.  That’s before you even consider your dated kitchen cabinet style, scratched countertop, and cracked backsplash.

If a new kitchen is on your agenda before you hit the holiday madness, get started today to avoid disappointment.  Let us walk you through a typical kitchen remodeling timeline to understand why.

1. Do your homework.

Before you get started on a kitchen remodel, you must consider what works and what doesn’t in your existing kitchen design.  Do you just need to update your cabinets and storage, or does your kitchen need a complete overhaul, perhaps even knocking down a wall to create a more open plan space?  This will impact the complexity of your project, and therefore your timeline and budget.

kitchen design with barstools

2. Find your kitchen remodeling partner.

Almost any kitchen remodel will affect plumbing and electric, not to mention the careful measurements and installation involved in new kitchen cabinets.  It is not a project for the average weekend DIYer, so it’s time to involve an expert. Start by searching online for professionals in your area, view their work online, and ask local contacts for recommendations.  Set up appointments with your preferred companies to discuss your requirements and check they are available in your required timeframe.  Kitchen design and remodeling professionals only take on a certain number of clients at a time to make sure they offer the same personal attention to each client, so it’s better to contact them early to avoid disappointment.

kitchen with built in buffet

3. Planning your kitchen design takes about 2-8 weeks but can differ based on the complexity of your project.

Your chosen experts should follow their own tried and tested design process that offers transparency, sets expectations for how the project will happen, and helps you get the design you want at an agreed budget.

white and gray kitchen design

4. Ordering products for your new kitchen design is usually based around cabinetry orders, which have the longest lead time. They take 4-10 weeks to arrive once ordered.

An experienced kitchen design firm can help you navigate the vast array of products available to find the ones that best fit your style and budget.  A McDaniels Kitchen and Bath we offer a wide range of product displays in our showroom and partner with product manufacturers ranging from budget to luxury prices so you can make all product choices in one convenient location.

traditional kitchen design

5. Ripping out your old kitchen and installing the new one in a standard sized kitchen remodel spans about 8 weeks.

You’ve done your part, so now let your kitchen remodeling company take care of the rest! An experienced remodeler will manage every detail of your installation and keep the mess in your home to a minimum.  Keep in mind that a full kitchen remodel is still a messy, disruptive process so avoid making plans for parties and visitors while your remodel is taking place.  Use this time to enjoy your outdoor kitchen or BBQ area, sit by the pool, or do some work on your garden.  It may also not be the best time to go on a long summer vacation, since your input may be required for any questions or final decisions during the remodel.  The 8-week remodeling process is typically broken out as follows:

  • Week 1: remove appliances, cabinets, and floor; rough install of plumbing and electric; inspections.
  • Week 2: repair or replace drywall, prepare floor for new material.
  • Week 3: install cabinetry, trim, and hardware.
  • Week 4: complete countertop template; install baseboard, door trim, window trim.
  • Week 5: install floor.
  • Week 6: wait for countertop.
  • Week 7: install countertop, hook up plumbing, install appliances, start backsplash.
  • Week 8: finish backsplash and grout, paint kitchen.
  • Kitchen remodel complete!
U-shaped kitchen design

If you are determined to get your kitchen remodel ready for the holiday season, now is the time to act.  Get started on your design research by browsing our kitchens gallery and then contact our kitchen design experts to set up an appointment.  Then visit our amazing Lansing, MI kitchen design showroom to check out our product displays.