Remodeling a small bath space can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the wow factor. There are plenty of options to make your new bathroom design even more functional and stylish, despite its dimensions.  Working with a bathroom design professional helps to find the ideal layout for your space, combined with color schemes and products that maximize your available space. Here are some of our top tips to inspire your small bathroom remodel.

Custom Storage

Custom storage is the best way to store everything you need in your bathroom. A combination of niche and open shelving, wall hung cabinets and vanities, storage baskets and containers, and towel bars and hooks mean you’ll have a clutter free, contemporary bath design. This is important in any size bath design, but it is critical in a smaller space where every inch counts.

shower storage niche

Shower or Soak?

In a small bathroom, you often must choose between a shower and tub, so a tub with a shower curtain or glass door gives you the best of both worlds. A Japanese soaking tub is a compact and on trend option that comes in a variety of materials. If you choose to have a shower stall, a simple frameless glass panel is sleeker than a framed door, and an open shower frees up even more space. It also lets you see the whole room at once, creating a more open, airy atmosphere.

bath design with bathtub shower combination

Corner Pedestal

A pedestal sink can prove to be an obstacle in a small bath design. A corner model sits beautifully on the edge of the room and works with every style. No more bumping into it as you come into the room or get out of the shower. Pedestal styles can also incorporate a little shelf for towels or toilet paper.


Vanities are essential but can take up more space than necessary. If you go with a floating vanity it frees up the space underneath, giving the illusion of space and making the floor easier to clean! Wall-mounted faucets and toilets also work well.  A small, rounded vanity also takes up less space and reduces the chance of hitting your hip. Custom vanities allow you to match your available space, for example by including a wider, but shallower cabinet.  This lets you gain in storage what you lose in wall space. If space allows, an extra sink can also be installed to accommodate more than one person at a time.

bath design with flat panel gray cabinet


Even if your vanity is only designed for one person, a double-width mirror means another person can get ready. Why not mirror an entire wall to make the room feel larger? Or try several mirrors of different shapes and sizes with interesting frames. The smaller the room, the easier it is to cover the wall, for a dramatic look.

large vanity mirror


Light colors are a good way to make a small space feel airy. White naturally recedes and reflects light, so keeping everything white is perfect for a small, spa-style bathroom. Use different textures with a hint of natural wood to keep things interesting. Beige, greige, gray and light blue give a similar effect if you stick to one color and vary the tone throughout. This keeps your design seamless and calm, giving the illusion of space.

bath design with white shaker vanity

Find Your Niche

Shelving can sometimes eat into a room’s space, so try niche shelving, which uses wall cavities as storage. The visual depth also gives the impression that walls are farther away. Niche storage is also perfect for universal bath design as people can often bang their head on shelving or mistakenly rely on it for support. Your design expert can assess where the cavities are in your walls, identifying the best place to position niche storage so nothing is damaged in the process.


Good lighting is essential in any bathroom design. You need strong lighting to get ready, but mood lighting is just as important to create a space for relaxation. This combination, in addition to natural light can really make your bathroom feel bigger. A statement ceiling light both updates and enlarges any room. A layered lighting plan with sconces, edge-lit mirrors, underlit tubs and grid or central ceiling lights, works to reduce shadows and opens up your bath design.

bathroom design with wood vanity

Visual Tricks

A large-scale pattern, especially with horizontal lines, can really expand your space. Choose the longest wall and emphasize it with stripes, rails or shelving. If your bathroom is too narrow for this, then focus on the shorter walls. Instead of larger tiles try mosaic ones, which are more proportionate to a small space.

You’ll find further inspiration for bath designs in our bathroom gallery. Why not contact us today to discuss your remodel? We are now available for telephone design consultations.  We’ll take your bath design from cramped to glam, letting you relax in style.