Learn more about the cost of a kitchen remodel for your Lansing, MI area home, and the benefits of partnering with experienced kitchen design professionals!

Do you think you cannot afford a kitchen remodel, or at least not the remodel that will achieve your vision for your space?  Maybe you think a big box store is your only affordable choice, and a full-service kitchen design firm is way out of your reach?  You pass by a kitchen and bath design showroom and assume there is no point walking in the door.  Or you walk in and everything looks beautiful and therefore must be expensive. Why bother looking when you are sure your budget won’t allow for the high-end products and design expertise they offer.

McDaniels showroom

Did you know that many kitchen and bath design firms, like McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, offer a wide array of products all in one convenient location to suit a range of budget options?  Even more importantly, the expertise offered by an established design firm can help you achieve the kitchen remodel that is right for you at a price point that meets your needs. They can help you make the ideal product selections, anticipate any issues that may arise with your space, and coordinate all elements of your remodel so that everything happens in the most cost and time effective manner possible.

Showroom display with laminate countertop

There are many factors that affect the cost of a kitchen remodel, including the following:

  1. Product choices such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, appliances, lighting, cabinet hardware, and more.
  2. The design expertise and design detail required to create an effective design that enhances your space.
  3. Any requirement to redesign your existing layout by moving things around, changing plumbing, or any structural issues that need to be fixed.
  4. Construction costs if you plan to knock down a wall, bump out a wall, or add on to your space.
  5. Project management (whether you pay someone else or the cost of your time) to manage all the contractors involved in a complicated kitchen remodel.
green kitchen design

You may consider cutting corners to save money by skipping the design expertise or the project management, but in the end bypassing these elements could cost you more.  Why is that?

  • The planning phase is the most important part of the remodeling process. There is a saying in carpentry that goes “measure twice and cut once”.  Plan carefully, get your layout and all your measurements correct, and pick the products that suit your space and lifestyle.  Get this right and the rest of your remodel will fall into place.  Careful planning will also help you limit unforeseen issues and stay within your chosen budget.
  • A major remodel like a new kitchen design requires considerable coordination of many moving parts. Effective planning and ongoing project management are critical to making sure that everything happens in a timely manner, all permits are acquired, and issues are recognized and addressed before they create more problems.  All of this must happen in a coordinated manner, ensuring that electrical work, plumbing, tiling, and more takes place at the right time and in the correct order.
  • Without this expertise you are more likely to encounter delays and mistakes in your project, which will just drive up the overall cost of your remodel. Not to mention the stress and time involved in managing all of this!
transitional kitchen design

The real key is to pick a kitchen and bath design firm that fits your style and will work with you to achieve your vision…at your price point.  At McDaniels Kitchen and Bath we pride ourselves on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.  How do we accomplish this?

  • Our experienced team of designers all have extensive knowledge of a wide range of styles and products, along with the industry know how to achieve the right layout for your space.
  • You are paired with a designer who is your contact throughout the project, and who gets to know your needs, style, and budget. They understand that not everyone is looking to install a luxury kitchen and work with you to find the products and design that meet your needs.
  • We carry a wide range of products, from budget cabinetry to luxury furniture grade cabinet lines, from laminate to granite countertops, and much more. Your kitchen design specialist will understand your requirements and style and recommend options at your price point.
  • We have everything all in one convenient location, saving you the time and money involved in traveling from store to store shopping around.
  • When you work with us there are no hidden or unforeseen cost factors. Everything involved in getting your project done is included in the budget we provide so you know all the costs up front, rather than uncovering these design details and associated costs along the way.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the result speaks for itself. Talk to one of our many satisfied customers or browse our kitchen design gallery and you will see the difference working with an experienced design firm can make to your project.
white kitchen design

Still not sure if a kitchen and bath design firm like McDaniels is the right choice for you?  We invite you to stop by our showroom, chat with one of our designers over a cup of coffee, and then browse our wide range of available products. You will be amazed what you will find when you let yourself walk through the doors of our showroom and explore what an experienced design firm can offer you.  We’d love to help you achieve your ideal design.  Contact us today to get started!