The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the space that sells a property, with prospective buyers assessing the kitchen’s design and functionality. It’s where we entertain, cook, work and retreat to, so it must be multifunctional.

With so much going on in your kitchen design, it’s important to ensure that it remains clutter free. Your brand-new kitchen remodel starts out pristine, but effective storage solutions help you keep it that way. Tailor-made storage means you can keep all your kitchen essentials organized and concealed. Not only does this keep your space calm, but it also makes for a more efficient cooking and prep area. When you know where everything is, you can also entertain with ease.

kitchen design with peninsula

Custom storage expresses your style while working hard to make your life easier. A decluttered kitchen design is a joy to move around in, as it is obstacle-free, calm, and more welcoming. Read on for the best ways to declutter with kitchen design storage solutions.

Where Should I Start?

The first thing to do before any kitchen remodel is to assess what you actually need to store. The best approach is to clear out all cabinets and surfaces. Set everything out and go through each item to decide what you want to keep and what must go. Food that’s out of date can go in the trash but everything else should be donated or recycled.

Take stock of what you are left with and factor this into your kitchen storage plan. A kitchen designer can work with you to see what would fit your requirements best to store everything from silverware to appliances. There are a host of storage accessories that are installed into cabinets and drawers. Combining these with open storage makes a modern, functional, and stylish kitchen remodel.

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Which Storage Type Gives a Feeling of Spaciousness?

If you want to make the most of your kitchen remodel, then maximize storage without fuss. A popular choice is streamlined cabinetry with strong lines and sleek exteriors. You can install wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets for ultimate storage potential and cutting-edge style.  Everything can be cleverly stored behind stylish cabinet doors or go minimalist with slab doors to create a truly sleek style. Lift-up and swing-up doors with a soft-close option also work well on upper cabinets, especially combined with pull-down storage shelves that make items in upper cabinets easily accessible. Recessed handles fit the streamlined cabinetry look as they sit into the doors and can either blend in or be a design feature in a contrasting material.

kitchen cabinets

What Reduces Clutter on Floors or Countertops?

Efficient, well-planned storage accessories ensure every item in your kitchen design has a home, can be put away when not in use, and easily found when needed.  Clever storage planned at the kitchen design stage will help to keep your kitchen’s surfaces clear, which means they are easier to maintain, and they look better!

compact kitchen design

In a busy kitchen design, why not supplement packed kitchen cabinets with an open storage solution like racks and rails. They bring character to a kitchen remodel and let you see where everything is at a glance. A simple way of storing keys and mail is by hanging a rack with hooks. You can also use racks for knives, paper towels, or spices, which opens up more storage space in drawers and clears up countertops.

Hooks suspended from rails are also great for holding dish towels, herb pots, or scissors. You can also place hooks on slatted shelving so you can hang items underneath, doubling up on storage space. Why not position a rail over your cooking area to store pans, measuring cups, sieves, and other cooking essentials? This looks especially good in a rustic or farmhouse kitchen design, when you coordinate materials, such as copper or colorful stoneware.

Is a Pantry Useful?

A walk-in pantry as part of your kitchen design is an invaluable addition to your remodel. Here, you can store larger items such as an extra freezer or refrigerator, the microwave, or countertop appliances like a slow cooker. Coordinate custom pantry cabinetry with the rest of your kitchen remodel for a cohesive look. Swing-out door racks and appliance lifts maximize storage in what could be a tight space. Open shelves or pull-out racks provide easy access to food items. The pantry could include a separate sink with countertop space or even a second dishwasher to create a prep and clean up station that is ideal for entertaining.

kitchen pantry

You don’t necessarily need a separate room to create an efficient pantry. Instead, designate a full-length kitchen cabinet as a pantry with roll-out shelves and pull-out racks. Why not shelve and conceal an underutilized alcove for an effective storage area in a bijou remodel?

Organization is key in creating a pantry that works for you. Keep foodstuff in clear containers so you can locate and restock anything easily. Physically higher cabinets and shelving can store items that are used less frequently, meaning you can rotate them over the seasons or when you’re entertaining.

What About a Beverage Bar?

A beverage bar is another great way of consolidating items into one area, thus reducing clutter. It stores all the essentials for making beverages, whether for a quiet Saturday morning cup of coffee or cocktails for many guests when entertaining. If you include a beverage bar at the design stage of your kitchen remodel, you can plan for whatever you need. A built-in coffee machine, for example, is a great focal point for a beverage bar. Why not add a mini dishwasher, undercounter beverage refrigerator, or sink? Similar to the pantry, you can coordinate the style of your beverage bar with the rest of your kitchen design or choose a contrasting color for your beverage bar cabinets to make it stand out.

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Allocate an overhead cabinet for mugs, glassware, and other beverage essentials like wine racks. If you choose to store items on your countertop, you can conceal the bar with swing-out or pull-up doors. Whether you go for a coffee station or a full cocktail bar, centralizing all elements reduces clutter and makes entertaining a breeze.

What Does the Best Custom Storage Have to Offer?

Tailor-made storage is planned around your family’s requirements. It provides a home for everything from a spoon to a microwave oven and ensures that your kitchen design is not overwhelmed by clutter. Pull-out and roll-out shelving, cans made of wire or wood, peg boards and tray dividers can keep the contents of drawers and cabinets organized.

Racks that are pull-out, swing out, or are mounted, store a multitude of small jars. Lazy Susans, blind corner swingouts, pull-out rails, and baskets make it easy to turn inaccessible corner cabinets into efficient storage. Vary the depths of your drawers so small or large items can be stored accordingly. Adding further organization strategies, such as knife blocks or shelf inserts, doubles the capacity of a drawer or cabinet. Roll-out trash compartments work behind closed cabinet doors to store all recycling and garbage.

kitchen design with deep drawers

Is Open Storage Effective for Decluttering?

Open storage is more budget friendly than kitchen cabinets, however if you replace upper cabinetry with shelving, you will also have to finish the wall that’s exposed. You can open up a kitchen design with shelving, but it should be carefully curated to avoid looking messy. This can be done by grouping its contents in terms of color, style, function, or texture. Themes should be picked up throughout your kitchen design for a cohesive, polished look.  Racks and rails can be attached to walls or ceilings and shelves work well in tight corners, alcoves, and on the side of kitchen cabinets. Once open shelving is kept clean and well-thought out, it’s an effective way of dealing with clutter and introducing character to your kitchen remodel.

kitchen design with open shelves

How Can I Maintain a Sleek Kitchen Design?

To keep your kitchen remodel as sleek and decluttered as when it was installed, opt for as much concealment as possible. This means strong, clean lines of cabinetry remain uninterrupted and your kitchen design has an air of calmness. Integrate large appliances with cabinet doors and cover small appliances in countertop garages. You can also store small but bulky appliances like a stand mixer in lower kitchen cabinets and bring them up to counter level with built-in lifts. Your kitchen designer can familiarize you with all the options such as tilt-out sink fronts with concealed compartments or slide-out towel bars under your sink. Innovations such as pull-out cutting boards, that rest on an open drawer, provide functionality while maintaining a sleek aesthetic when not in use.

kitchen design with custom storage

Can I Declutter Using a Kitchen Island?

An island is an essential part of a stylish and functional kitchen design. It also provides storage within and on the countertop. Modern islands have outlets and charging stations discreetly installed so devices can be powered within drawers. Organize the top of your island with a large vase or fruit bowl that provides storage and accents your style. Perhaps some recipe books or a canister of utensils would work to complement a cooking area at your island.

large kitchen island with beverage area

Underneath, you can store a wine rack, pots, table linens, or even pet bedding and a feeding station for your furry friend. If you find you use your island excessively and have the space in your kitchen footprint, then consider having a second island in your kitchen design. By allocating different functions, you get twice as much storage with two stunning focal points.

At McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, we bring our experience to every kitchen design to create a space that perfectly balances style and functionality. With effective storage to suit your every requirement, the result is an uncluttered kitchen that remains true to its design. Once your kitchen design is organized and streamlined, you can relax and add personal touches that won’t disrupt the calm aesthetic.

Have a look at our kitchen design gallery for more ideas that could work in your next remodel. Contact us today to discuss plans for your dream kitchen with an experienced McDaniels kitchen designer.