All considered, the majority of United States residents own their homes. Without having to adhere to the rules, regulations, and guidelines of landlords, homeowners are essentially able to do whatever their hearts desire in relation to the structure, layout, design, plus anything and everything else that makes up their places of living – as if that wasn’t already made clear.

One of the most popular types of modern renovations is that of kitchen remodeling. As a matter of fact, we’ve been mentioned in a handful of regional newspapers, magazines, building supply companies’ end-of-year award publications, and more for our outstanding custom kitchen remodeling Brighton MI.

Whether you decide to take on the task of kitchen remodeling Lansing MI on your own or opt to hire us for our top-tier kitchen remodeling services, you first need to know how much appliances and materials you’ll be replacing will cost. Similarly, you’ll also need to figure out how much such renovations can fetch when sold on today’s Central and Southern Michigan housing market.

Can You Afford To Finish Your Planned Renovations?

Whether you’re intimately familiar with the modern housing market or not in Michigan, one thing you can quickly find out by doing a quick Google search is how much the price of homes drop when they’re peddled on housing markets without being finished.

As a matter of fact, one way that high-volume, short-term-holding real estate “flippers,” as they’re known in the real estate world, make substantial returns is through buying real estate that hasn’t been constructed yet in the first place or that features renovations that have gone unfinished.

If you aren’t 100-percent-sure that you can afford to finish your home’s renovations, don’t start them! It’s simply not worth it.

Kitchens Are Highly Important To Home Buyers

It doesn’t matter whether you eat fast food, pizza delivery, and Chinese takeout for every meal or cook everything you eat in your home’s kitchen – you’re still going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

People Often Don’t Mind Shelling Out Time And Money On Kitchen Renovations Themselves

According to the aforementioned survey, nearly seven out of 10 people who shopped for homes the United States were willing to fork over more money – included in the purchase price of homes, that is – to whoever was selling such homes.

Granite counters, for example, one of the most high-quality building materials commonly used in kitchens, were so sought-after that more than half of all the prospective home buyers surveyed above were willing to jack up those homes’ purchase price for just one modification – granite countertops.

We’re known far and wide for superb flooring jobs across the Lansing MI area here at McDaniels Kitchen and Bath. Don’t test out the kitchen remodeling process without professional help from us – you’ll thank yourself later.