This year’s color trends are all about injecting color into your interior design. Neutral palettes like white, gray, and beige will always feature in kitchen and bath design because they never date, but an all-neutral room is waning in popularity.  Likewise, the natural tones of stained wood will always be a classic choice that complements any home living environment.

If you are ready to move beyond these standard neutral tones, look no further than 2020’s trend toward bolder colors for everything from cabinets to accessories. The hot shades for 2020 include orange, pink, blue and green in intense, jewel tones sometimes with black as a backdrop. Whether you want to add a pop of color with accessories or choose your favorite shade for a monotone color scheme, adding color will help your remodel look fresh and vibrant. Here’s how to update your kitchen design or bathroom remodel with the latest color trends.

Metallic and Mattes

Sinks are a great way of introducing unexpected colors and textures. Coppers and golds are very on trend. You can go for rose or yellow gold and then choose a smooth, brushed or hammered finish. Black matte faucets and hardware really make a statement, but gold and brass also look stunning, especially against lighter surroundings.

large undermount kitchen sink

Pastels and Primaries

Many appliances are being produced in bold, primary colors like the ones below spotted at this year’s 2020 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in January. Why not enliven your kitchen with a cherry red or bold yellow refrigerator? Or go for a wild color combo like these unique SMEG appliances. Stoves and hoods are also appearing in punchy colors. Bathroom designers are embracing pastel colored bathroom fixtures. This isn’t an 80’s flashback, but more an updated pistachio hue than old-fashioned avocado! Freestanding tubs can be customized in any color you like. A clawfoot tub in your favorite shade of pink or blue would take center stage in your bath design.

bold colored appliances


Black is very popular as a background color to bring out bright shades. This year is about enriching colors, giving rooms a warm and cozy feel. The monochrome trend lets you take deep colors and vary the tones for different parts of the design, and for ultimate drama add pops of bright color. You can include your shower door in this scheme by installing colored glass with a black frame. Or try a black grid frame with clear glass for a funky, industrial feel.

Walls and Ceilings

The trend of replacing wall cabinetry with open shelving is continuing. This exposes more wall space and offers another opportunity to include color in your design. You can accomplish this by putting up plain shelves with a vibrant backdrop.  Paint your walls behind the shelves a bold shade, put up richly patterned wallpaper or vibrant tiles. Or, keep your walls neutral but incorporate colorful shelves or on-trend metal and arrange the shelves’ contents to be as cheerful as possible, categorizing by color.

Counters and Floors

Wood and natural stone bring subtle warmth and color to countertops and floors but there are many options for introducing color to these surfaces if you want to go for something different. Durable engineered quartz, terrazzo, cement, resin, lava, porcelain, terrazzo, or tiles all come in a broad range from subtle to vibrant shades and suit different budgets. Why not choose a high shine finish for ultimate impact or dark grouting to make bold tiles really stand out? You can frame a colorful tile floor with rich, dark wood, making it look like an artwork with different textures.  If all out color is not your style, stick with a hardwood or stone floor but add a pop of color with an area rug.

The Finishing Touches

A good layered lighting scheme means your design will have the perfect atmosphere. The warmth and color of the bulb makes a difference, as does the lampshade. Go for drums or pendants in this year’s dramatic colors to make a big impact in your remodel. Furniture can also add more than functionality to a design. An emerald green chair in a bathroom can be surprisingly effective at lifting a neutral color scheme. A black background to any colorful furniture or soft furnishings really nails this year’s look.  Or add color with a favorite piece of artwork like the Guatemalan corn paintings in this Okemos kitchen design.

kitchen with large island

Are you ready to remodel and inject color and life into your kitchen and bathroom design? Contact us here at McDaniels. Our design experts can talk you through the exciting color schemes for 2020 and how they can transform your home.