Are you choosing a refrigerator for your kitchen remodel? If you have created more space in your kitchen, you might be thinking of a regular refrigerator, but why not consider a counter depth fridge to fit perfectly alongside your kitchen cabinets? It’s a fast-growing trend in kitchen design along with counter depth freezers and wine coolers. There are many types, from dual to French doors and you won’t compromise on size as counter depth refrigerators are wider, to compensate for being slightly shallower.

Measure Twice, Then Measure Again.

Counter depth refrigerators aren’t a standard size, as counters are different shapes and sizes. A standard kitchen counter can be from 25 to 30 inches deep, so always measure your space and prospective refrigerator before you buy. For access, the refrigerator door and handle need to stick out from under the counter so remember that when measuring. The door has a wider swing and needs plenty of clearance so keep it the correct distance from surrounding walls or other obstacles. Under the counter fridges, coolers and freezers usually come at a standard depth of 24 inches so they can be more easily situated to be flush with kitchen cabinets.

kitchen design with beverage refrigerator

A Convenient Option

It’s easier to see and access items from counter depth refrigerators and freezers as they’re wider and shallower than regular models. Pull-out drawers won’t have to be pulled out far and shelves are readily accessible. This is ideal for anyone with mobility issues who doesn’t want to reach or bend too far. It’s also an excellent choice for kitchens designed for aging in place.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s no doubt that counter depth refrigerators give a kitchen design a more streamlined look, tailored to your kitchen’s style. Blending in with the surrounding cabinetry gives the room a clean sightline and a more “put together” look. Fitting in neatly also means fridges, freezers and wine coolers aren’t jutting out, creating an obstacle you must work around.

Storage Opportunities

What you lose in depth with these refrigerators, you gain in width. This provides an opportunity to store long platters and other rectangular or oval homeware that wouldn’t fit in a standard depth fridge. The shelving inside the fridge door is also longer, making contents easier to organize.

kitchen design with large island

Are There Any Down Sides?

Since these refrigerators are on trend, practical, and compliment all kitchen designs, there are very few negative points to counter depth refrigerators. While fridge space is wider, crispers are shallower so it can be a challenge to store certain vegetables or containers in them. Counter depth freezer compartments give easy access to food but hold slightly less overall, so it depends on your priorities.  Lastly, while not as expensive as built-in refrigerators, counter depth models cost slightly more than regular depth fridges. It’s worth factoring this into your budget and considering the pros and cons of choosing the latest trend in refrigeration.

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