If, like most people, you spent more time at home last year, you may have noticed things you want to change around your home.  From multi-functional kitchens to relaxing bathrooms to a focus on storage and hygiene, this year’s design styles reflect current lifestyle trends. They also offer inspiration for updating your kitchen or bath design to meet the needs of your home and family. Here are our top 10 design trends for 2021.

double bowl kitchen sink

1. Cleanliness

Quartz is leading the way again as a countertop material. It’s very easy to maintain, comes in great colors and doesn’t harbor bacteria in a damp environment since it is nonporous. Another hygiene-friendly staple that is growing in popularity is the touchless faucet. Motion and voice activated faucets are seen in kitchen and bath design and are ideal for maintaining hygiene at home and for simplifying cooking and clean up. Smart toilets are also going to be huge this year. They clean, flush and close automatically and their sleek exterior is low maintenance and super stylish.

2. More Storage

If you’ve been spending more time at home and practicing your home cooking skills, you probably became keenly aware of how important it is to have plenty of storage for extra food and small appliances. Large freezers and pantries are central to this year’s kitchen designs. Cabinet storage solutions and freestanding options like carts and cupboards all provide essential customized storage to meet all your requirements to have supplies well-organized and readily accessible. For bath designs, floating vanities are on trend in bath design as they provide essential storage, are aesthetically pleasing, and contribute to the popular spa style bath design.

floating vanity cabinet

3. Comforting Colors

We are increasingly looking for comforting shades on our walls and furnishings this year. While white is a staple, it can always be accented by pops of Mediterranean colors. Beige is another way of keeping a design classic but warm. Aqua and orange are especially popular this year as accent colors, so don’t be afraid to make your space cozier and stylish. Or take your inspiration from the Pantone Color of the Year 2021, where the combination of the sunny yellow Illumination is balanced by a calming natural Ultimate Gray.  There is very durable paint appearing on the market that can endure endless scrubbing to keep your surfaces clean, so invest in a decent product to last for years.

kitchen with large island

4. Organics

Another comfort-focused design element is organic style. It’s all about surrounding ourselves with natural materials and soft, neutral palettes in 2021. Vary your textures and tones while keeping all your surfaces natural and minimal in neutral color schemes that bring warmth to your kitchen or bath design. Install larger windows dressed up with organic fabrics so you allow in plenty of natural light and bring additional natural textures to your space. Combine radiant underfloor heating with wood-look tiles to provide the ultimate combination of style and practicality.

white kitchen design

5. Larger Islands

A large. multi-functional island is always a good investment for your kitchen design. Investing in a large island with enough space to cook, store, eat and do other activities like work and study is the perfect choice to offer flexibility and functionality for all your family’s needs. Installing outlets is a clever addition, so consider angled powerstrips at either end of your island.

large kitchen island

6. Smaller Tubs and Larger Showers

Your bath design should be a relaxing haven in your home, and 2021’s bathroom trends offer ideas for improving the soothing atmosphere of your bathroom. Bathtubs provide an ideal way to relax, but large showers are also in demand. If you want the benefit of both a tub and shower but space is at a premium, the ideal solution is to install a sleek, petite soaking tub. Freestanding models that rest flat on the floor are perfect for spa-style bath designs and allow more space for a large, luxury shower design.

large alcove shower design
black and white kitchen design with gold accents

7. Designer Range Hoods

This year’s kitchen design is moving away from concealed ventilation and celebrating the range hood as a feature. You can choose to have a hood that’s larger than usual or in an eye-catching color or material. Square shaped hoods are coming into vogue, especially covered in a natural stone or wood-toned materials.

8. Backlighting

Mirrors and medicine cabinets are essential elements of bath design, where you need them for storage and to see yourself when getting ready. A mirror with backlighting adds sophistication and functionality to your bath design. This lighting position reduces glare, adds ambience, and doubles as a nightlight. It creates a stylish floating effect and illuminates this year’s wall colors and textures.

Contemporary sink designs

9. Auxiliary Ovens

If you are an avid at-home chef, it’s time to embrace the trend to install specialty ovens. Adding a steam or convection oven to your cooking zone means you can do more within the same space. Healthy, home cooked meals are now easier to achieve with this modern addition to your kitchen design.

10. Larger Tiles

Bath design is all about larger tile formats in 2021. Natural stone gives a luxury look and can be achieved on a budget with stone-look tiles and earthy shades. Fewer grout lines mean lower maintenance and slab coverings are even better for this in shower surrounds.

Shower design with storage

The coming year has a lot to offer in design and it’s never been a better time to start planning your kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. Contact us today to discuss a remodel that caters for your needs and style.