A kitchen remodel is a good opportunity to upgrade everything in your kitchen but remember to take stock of what you have. Some appliances may be fine to incorporate into your new kitchen design, saving you time and money. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a more energy efficient version, which is good long-term planning. Both are environmentally sound options but check that you’re not engaging in false economy or posing a safety threat by keeping old appliances. Alternatively, you may view your kitchen remodel as an opportunity to upgrade to a professional oven or include two dishwashers for your busy household.  Read on for our guide on what to buy and what to keep when renovating your kitchen.

Look at Your Layout.

Once you’ve decided on the layout of your new kitchen design, see if your old appliances fit into the plan. If you want to limit costs and disruption, try to keep them in the same location to avoid moving gas, plumbing or water lines. However, a kitchen remodel is a chance to change things you don’t like, so moving things around may be required to get the layout you want.

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How Old Are They?

Know exactly how old your appliances are and if they’re worth keeping in a new kitchen. Refrigerators and ranges are on the way out by 15 years and dishwashers last under 10 years. Are there signs that they’re coming to the end of their life? Check you don’t have condensation, faulty seals or a hot-to-touch fridge. Your dishwasher needs to be draining and closing properly and make sure there’s no rust in the water. Range parts can usually be fixed, but if the repairs cost more than half of the range, it’s wiser to buy a new one. Even if old appliances seem ok, consider if they are in good enough condition to survive being disconnected, moved and reconnected.

How Do You Live?

Often, a remodel is a time to reassess how you use your kitchen. Think about how you live and how much you use your appliances. If you entertain a lot or have a large family, then you might need an extra oven or freezer. Is your refrigerator large enough for all your needs? Would it be a good idea to get a mini fridge at a beverage station just for drinks? If it’s just you, or you don’t cook, then a mini dishwasher is ideal and gives you more storage space. On the other hand, in a busy household you may want to add a second dishwasher!

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Size Matters.

As well as dishwashers, refrigerators and ranges come in many widths and heights. If you want to keep your existing appliances, make sure this is taken into consideration in planning and measuring your new kitchen. However, if you want the kitchen cabinets to be the focal point of your kitchen design, setting the overall style of the room, then you might have to sacrifice some old appliances. Also, it might seem obvious, but it you’re going up in size, then you should check that you can get your new appliance through the door!

Appliances as the Center of Attention.

Cabinetry is the traditional focal point, but why shouldn’t appliances make a statement? If you’ve already invested in a colorful refrigerator or a stylish range that works perfectly with your new design, then keep it. If you’re looking at a new one, then try something that gives the wow factor to your remodel. Something as small as your beloved retro food mixer could set the tone you’re looking for.

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Sales, Sale, Sale!

If you’re undecided as to whether you should invest in a new appliance for budget reasons, then take advantage of holiday discount days. You should get the most energy efficient model you can afford, and sales make this easier. Often, stores will keep items for you for several weeks, so it’s worth investigating to get a good deal that will be ready when you are.

Take it away.

Lastly, you need to figure out what to do with any unwanted appliances. If it still works, you could sell it or give it to someone who’d appreciate it. Try listing it on your local freecycle group to see if you can find a new owner if you want to pass it on or ask your supplier about options for recycling your appliance.

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Planning is key when preparing for a kitchen remodel. Even if it’s a complete overhaul of your kitchen, your old appliances might still dazzle in it. If they don’t, then take your time choosing their replacements. Your kitchen remodeling expert can help you navigate the available product choices and match them to the rest of your kitchen design plans, such as the layout and kitchen cabinets.  Take a look in our gallery to see how appliances can make a difference in kitchen design. Call us today for advice on how to embark on this exciting journey to your dream kitchen.