Remember, in Back to the Future II, when Marty’s mom popped a small disk into the oven and then five seconds later a delicious steaming pizza was waiting to be eaten? Kitchen technology may not be quite at the point of transforming disks into pizza, but incorporating high tech is one of the latest trends in kitchen design.  The latest technological advancements for this space will most certainly provide a sense of ease and efficiency in the middle of your crazy, hectic life.

From coffee makers that brew with a command from Alexa to using your smart phone to manage the lights, faucets, and the fridge, there are more ways than ever before to integrate technology into your kitchen design. Here are some of the latest appliance trends that we think you’ll love:

Steam Ovens

One of the hottest appliance trends of 2019 is steam ovens. These fully functioning ovens allow you to bake, roast or steam your favorite dishes. Additionally, they cook faster and keep your food juicier and more flavorful than conventional ovens. Another added benefit is these ovens come in a few sizes, so you can still install one in a smaller space.

transitional kitchen design

Column Refrigerators

Refrigerators are getting great, big upgrades these days – in both style and utility! Column refrigerators are the latest trend in keeping your food cool. With this type of refrigeration, you can mix and match your freezer and fridge, utilizing variable temperature zones, and add additional space if you need it. Additionally, these fridges come with the latest technology features, like odor seals and Smart technology features that will help you streamline your kitchen management.

Swipe Controls

Say good bye to taking apart the oven to clean the grease and food residue from behind the knobs. Using electromagnetic heat, the controls allow the chef to turn on and manage the heat of the burner with a touch and a swipe. Indicator lights will appear to let you know the intensity of the heat. And when you’re finished, just take a damp sponge to quickly clean up any spills and fingerprints!

traditional kitchen design

WiFi Connectivity

Most of our kitchen appliance trends are related to technology, and it’s no wonder why. The Smart Home is not the stuff of science fiction anymore…it is happening today!  To keep up with this trend, most manufacturers are equipping appliances and gadgets with the ability to control everything from your smart phone. Control timers on your microwave, the temperature of your oven, or brew your coffee. The sky is the limit!


Move over stainless steel and white kitchen appliances, color is back! After a decade of avocado green stoves, it’s no wonder appliances took a turn toward a more neutral look. But, after a long break, bright colors, like blue, purple, and red are making a comeback.

If you don’t fancy a cherry red refrigerator, there are other new neutral options, like Viking White and Black Stainless Steel. Or consider painting the island of kitchen cabinets a more interesting hue to offer contrast to your classic stainless steel appliances.

green kitchen design

Check out our kitchen design gallery to see more of the latest appliance options for kitchen designs. With technology at the forefront of appliance trends, we know it’s important to mesh the new without compromising the test of time. If you’re ready to learn more about a smart kitchen remodel, contact us today to talk to one of our designers!