Kitchens are the heart of the home, and must be up to the practical task of keeping everyone in the house fed.  They are also a magnet for visitors, where everyone congregates for coffee, a glass of wine, and to chat.  Today’s kitchens are also more integrated into the home’s living spaces, particularly with open plan designs.  To live up to this central role in the home, a kitchen design must represent a balance of style and functional elements.

white and gray kitchen design

If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel, you may be focused on updating your kitchen cabinets and storage, on a highly durable countertop, or on new state-of-the-art appliances.  What about your color scheme?  Do you want your kitchen to stand out with a color scheme that defines it as a separate space, or do you want it to match your home’s color scheme to create a natural flow between kitchen and living areas?  How can you stay true to your color palette while also integrating practical elements like appliances and sinks?  Here are a few ideas to get you started in selecting the colors that are right for your kitchen design:

Never Go Wrong with Neutrals

Does a neutral color scheme sound boring? Think again!  First, a kitchen design is an investment in your home, and a neutral color palette is a wise investment choice as it will never go out of style. Second, neutral colors refer to a wide range of tones, from white to gray to brown and more.  Within each of these colors there is a range of shades that can create the foundation for everything from a sleek, contemporary style to a warm, traditional space. Finally, a neutral color scheme is simply the foundation on top of which you can add contrasting tones or a vibrant pop of color in big ways (island cabinetry or a backsplash) or small ways (colorful barstools or small accessories).

kitchen design with two-toned laminate countertop

Natural Wood Tones

Your kitchen should be a place offering warmth and comfort, and not just in the form of fresh cookies from the oven (though cookies are welcome too!).  What better way to add warmth to your design than by allowing natural wood tones to feature in your kitchen remodel.  Stained wood for kitchen cabinets can set the tone or serve to accent white or gray cabinetry with a hardwood floor, kitchen table, ceiling beams, or sliding barn door.  Natural wood has the added benefit of providing a connection to nature, which has a naturally calming influence on your surroundings.

kitchen and dining room

Stained wood can set the tone when applied to kitchen cabinets or serve to accent white or gray cabinetry with a hardwood floor, kitchen table, ceiling beams, or sliding barn door.  Natural wood has the added benefit of providing a connection to nature, which has a naturally calming influence on your surroundings.

kitchen design with wood ceiling beams

Go Bold

Perhaps you are ready to commit to a bolder color choice for your kitchen design, but what color fits your style?  There are many choices available that make a statement while still enhancing your home’s style.  Depending on how far you want to go (and how much you love your chosen color), you could incorporate it in cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, or accessories.  Colorful appliances are also a popular choice now, available in dark shades and jewel tones, from dark green to candy apple red, and much more!  Here are a few popular choices for cabinetry and other fixtures, perfect for today’s kitchen design.

Blues: This versatile color choice can set the tone depending on which shade you select.  Create a Mediterranean vibe, an ultra-modern flair, or a serene space by selecting a blue that fits your vibe.  Blue has become very popular for kitchen cabinets but can also be seen in backsplash choices in tile or glass, or even for countertops.  Navy blue is a sophisticated option that pairs well with whites or grays, for example a navy island against white perimeter cabinets.  Accent it with brass hardware and accessories to really make the colors pop.

Greens: Add a vibrant green backsplash to bring an element of nature into your kitchen design.  Or, go for kitchen cabinets in a deep green shade to give your kitchen a luxurious feel.

Black: Black makes an excellent accent color, used in black finish hardware against light cabinetry for example.  It has also increased in popularity for cabinetry, creating a glamorous backdrop for your next dinner party. Or, add a black countertop to dramatically contrast white cabinetry like this kitchen design in Williamston, MI.

Kitchen design with black countertop

Pantone Color of the Year

The color gurus at Pantone announce their color of the year in December, offering inspiration and setting color trends.  Their most recent color choice was “Living Coral”, which is a warm orange-pink shade, based on the coral reefs.  This bright color could be your inspiration for creating a cheery space in your home, if not as a base color then as a perfect choice for small accessories to accent your kitchen design color scheme.

Are you ready for a fresh start for your kitchen?  Let us help you pick the perfect color scheme and products for your next kitchen remodel.  Contact our kitchen design experts to get started and check out our kitchen gallery for more inspiration.

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