Tiles are always popular features of kitchen and bath design. As technology improves, so does the variety of styles and materials available in the tile industry, offering a variety of new styles that allow you to express your personality through your tile choices. The latest trends in tile design are influenced by retro, architectural and digital printing technology. The result is tiles that are more structured and individual. Say goodbye to boring and step into a world of color and texture to transform your home.

1. Large Patterns

This year, tiles with big graphic patterns have become more popular, making them the focal point of a space. Individual tile sizes have doubled and tripled in size in recent times, giving more scope for large-scale designs on walls and floors.

2. Colors

Color goes hand in hand with pattern, so large-scale designs are embracing color palettes in the latest shades. This year’s color is Classic Blue, closely followed by muted shades of pink, green and yellow. They are just as calming as neutral tones and add warmth and interest to any space, such as the backsplash in this kitchen design in Haslett.

blue and gold tile backsplash

Neutral color palettes are always in style when it comes to tile design and extend well beyond white and gray like this mosaic tile backsplash in shades of brown and beige.

two-toned kitchen design

3. Shapes

In the same way that color and pattern have ramped up, so too have tile shapes. Moving beyond standard rectangle shaped tiles, alternatives such as diamonds and trapezoids have become quite popular. Unique tile layouts are also more interesting than grids or staggered rows, such as in this kitchen design in DeWitt.

Kitchen design with single handle faucet

4. Wood look

Tiles that mimic natural wood have been around for some time, but current technology for producing the tiles means there’s a huge range of colors and textures. Your tiles can appear more like wood than ever, down to the finest detail.

bathroom floor porcelain tile

5. Affordable Luxury

Another replicated look this year is semi-precious stones. Pearled, rich and deeply veined finishes can give an opulent touch to your remodel without using the real thing. This can be especially effective when used as a tile feature to provide a focal point in a backsplash or a shower design.

6. Industrial

Urban style is on the rise in kitchen and bath design, and tiles in concrete or stone are the perfect backdrop to an industrial look. They also complement other styles for a sleek, contemporary feel.

7. Matte Finish

Matte finish tiles bring a subtle beauty to your tiled surfaces that you do not get with glossy tiles.  They don’t show smudges as easily and have a bit of texture, so they are an ideal choice for bathroom floors.

The Latest Tile Trends 2024

8. Dots

Another fun look is the latest trend of dots and speckled surfaces. It takes the recent resurgence of terrazzo and re-imagines that pattern for 2020.

9. Marble

Marble is another popular choice for an elegant and timeless look, whether it is one-of-a-kind natural marble or marble-effect engineered tile. Increased tile sizes now see it being used for countertops and large sections of wall, among other places, to bring a touch of class to a remodel.

10. Porcelain

Porcelain tile is widely used for floors, walls, and backsplashes.  It continues to be popular due to its durability and stylish options.  Tiled countertops are often high maintenance, but porcelain is hard wearing and stain resistant and therefore also makes a great choice for a unique countertop for any kitchen design. Just remember that grout lines must be sealed in order to make this countertop surface easy to maintain.

Currently, the sky’s the limit with tiles. You can use them anywhere in a huge range of materials, colors, shapes sizes, and layouts, with options to suit each purpose and budget. Give tiles real consideration if you’re planning a renovation. The right choice can take your remodel to the next level, injecting unique style and real sophistication. Check out our kitchen design and bathroom remodeling galleries and contact us today to talk to our design experts.