There are many factors to consider when planning a new kitchen or bathroom design, including your chosen style, storage needs, technological innovations, and the room’s layout. Creating a design that is also low maintenance will help to ensure it remains stylish and highly functional.

The best way to keep your newly remodeled space in good condition is to choose quality materials that are durable as well as aesthetic. When considering anything for your design, remember to stick to your chosen style. Then think about the type and finish of materials, as some materials increase durability, are easier to clean, and hide scratches or stains. The right balance of practicality and style results in a design that is unique and a breeze to look after.

floating vanity

Here are a few solutions for creating a stylish and low maintenance kitchen and bath design.

What Flooring is Low Maintenance?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are water, stain, and scratch resistant, and a large format avoids too much dirt collecting in grout. Again, a smooth surface in a durable material wins out as it is much easier to clean. However, you need to strike a balance with floor tiles as very smooth tiles can be a slip hazard in a space prone to moisture. Underfloor heating makes the coldest of floors more comfortable and it also dries excess water in a wet room, so could be essential with smooth tiles.

Natural materials like wood are attractive but can be prone to damage in high-traffic areas and have specific ongoing cleaning and maintenance needs. Vinyl has come a long way and is a modern and durable option that can imitate many other materials. Why not seal a concrete surface for a minimalist and fuss-free style? The low-maintenance color choice of mid-tones works well here, and the patterns with concrete are even more effective at hiding things.

kitchen with ceramic tile floor

What Storage is Stylish but Stress-Free?

What kind of storage is the easiest to keep clean? Flat panel cabinets are a low-maintenance solution as they do not have any grooves to harbor dirt and are easily wiped clean. Other simple cabinet doors, such as Shaker, have some details on them which need attention. Corners, curves, and details like beaded inset may look good but be prepared for the cleaning.

Glass front cabinets need extra attention as the glass can smear and reveal any messy interiors, but they do not need as much cleaning as open shelving. Open storage is still very popular in kitchen and bathroom design but demands both regular cleaning as well as keeping the contents tidy. You can go for floor to ceiling handleless cabinets for the ultimate low maintenance and style or brace yourself for maintaining more detailed cabinetry or open storage.

slab bathroom vanity cabinet

Are Stained Cabinets a Good Choice?

Cabinets are key to a well-organized kitchen or bathroom design, and the finish you choose for the doors is important for their upkeep. The easiest finish to touch up if damaged is a wood stain. Dark shades of stain work beautifully with wood that has a distinctive grain. Medium shades also look great on strong wood grain and are ideal to disguise any day-to-day damage. A medium tone is also less likely to reveal fingerprints or dust, which can be a flaw in darker stain tones.

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Should I Go for Paint?

Paint comes in different finishes that vary in durability and shine. Gloss paint is the best for high traffic areas as it is very hard wearing. However, the high sheen tends to show the smallest surface irregularity. Semi-gloss paint is a good solution for baseboards and wall trims as it is durable but not too shiny. Satin is ideal for most areas in kitchen and bathroom designs as it still reflects light, unlike matte paint, but it has a toughness to it. In terms of color, white is always popular but not the best for a low-maintenance bath or kitchen remodel. Keep to shades that are not too light or dark to help conceal marks and dust. Stronger colors are a great way to make a statement on cabinetry and woodwork with clean lines, which means you do not have to introduce awkward angles or intricate surface details that are a nightmare to clean.

kitchen design with open shelves

What Kind of Backsplash Stays the Cleanest?

A backsplash that has a smooth surface with no opportunity to gather dirt means there is less scrubbing involved to make it shine. Tiles always make an attractive backsplash, but grout lines require more cleaning and maintenance. The larger the tile size, the less grout you must worry about and the easier it is to keep it looking good as new. Slabs in natural or manufactured materials are the way to go if you want to create a statement backsplash with simple upkeep for a bath or kitchen design. Stone or glass are just some of the options, and they are more forgiving than mosaic, textured, or pure white tiled backsplashes.

kitchen design with slab backsplash

Which Countertop is the Best Investment?

Countertops can harbor bacteria and accommodate clutter so they should be easy to clean and kept as clear as possible. They also must be strong enough to endure all the everyday jobs that are performed on them. Heat, water, knives, knocks, and stains all take their toll on countertops. If you choose a natural material that is porous, it needs to be sealed every year to protect it. A non-porous material can be maintained a little more easily. Stainless steel countertops are moving from commercial kitchens to the domestic realm and are a hygienic and durable option that gives your space a unique look. Quartz is an ever-reliable countertop material that withstands everything except very high heat. Choose a mid-toned shade with a pattern to hide stains and watermarks for a truly low-maintenance countertop for any kitchen or bath design.

quartz countertop

Will My Hardware and Fixture Choices Make a Difference?

Think about themes running through your kitchen or bath design. Do your hardware and plumbing fixtures tie in with your general style, particularly the other metallic elements of your space? Drawer pulls, faucets, and switch plates do not have to match but should complement each other for a well-thought-out design that looks polished.

Consider where you place your hardware and fixtures. Faucets and tub fillers should be positioned to avoid splashing the surrounding area. Knobs and pulls should be high enough off the cabinet surface to avoid you leaving fingerprints on cabinets.

Materials such as chrome reveal water spots and smudges so go for brushed or satin finishes. Luxurious oil-rubbed bronze and trendy black matte finishes can show up dust and sediment. Think before you jump on board a current trend and alternatively spend a little extra for a solution such as sensor-operated faucets. It is possible to have the best of both worlds and combine style with practicality.

alcove bathtub

How Will Technology Help My Design?

There are many ways in which technology can make your life so much easier. A kitchen or bath design with smart technology incorporated becomes high-end and low maintenance. Apps controlling showers and toilets are on the increase. Shower toilets provide water spray to cleanse on command and can be set to each family member’s pressure and temperature preference. Lids that close automatically and light up, sensor flushing, and antibacterial finishes all make for luxurious toilets that make life a little easier. Sensor faucets are great additions to a bathroom design but also make food prep more efficient in a kitchen design. As well as releasing automatic water, they will not get smudged by fingerprints. Why not add a faucet with boiling or carbonated water options as an extra bonus for your low maintenance kitchen remodel? Sensor-operated drawers and cabinet doors also stay free from fingerprints and other marks.

large kitchen island with beverage area

Which Vanities and Sink Cabinets Are Easiest to Clean?

Eliminating clutter is key to a stylish and highly functional bathroom or kitchen design, so consider how everything will be stored in your kitchen or bath remodel. Custom storage is the best way to store everything in a way that actually improves efficiency and enhances the style of your kitchen or bath design. Plan what you need with your design expert and then create custom storage solutions to take care of everything. Secret compartments such as a tilt-out panel in front of your kitchen sink or a long thin toe kick drawer means you can make the most of every inch. Incorporate pull-out compartments and outlets in your vanity so you can store and use everything from makeup to styling tools there. Go for wall-mounted faucets and under-mount sinks if you want to have more counter space. A floating vanity in a bath design gives easy access to the floor so it can be cleaned effortlessly. Adequate storage and clean lines combine to make a trouble-free, streamlined kitchen or bath design.

slab panel vanity cabinet

What Can I Do About Tub and Shower Maintenance?

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom floor, it needs to be as clear of obstacles as possible. A thresholdless shower is ideal for stress-free cleaning. A clawfoot bath is stylish and allows for access underneath for a feeling of airiness and a spotless floor, but a sleek flat-bottomed tub is a top choice with sleek lines that are easier to clean and maintain.

Tiles are ever popular in bath designs but should be as large format as possible or installed in a slab format. This eliminates the problem of scrubbing grout lines. Another issue in the bathroom is getting soap scum off glass panels, especially in awkward corners. Choosing frameless glass panels for showers and shower tub combos means they can be washed down with a handheld shower head in seconds, letting you get on with your day. With a glass shower enclosure, a simple squeegee is your best friend. Use it daily to wipe down the glass after every shower and it will be a breeze to clean and maintain shower glass for years to come.

shower with custom glass enclosure

There are so many options available for your kitchen or bathroom design to be as stylish as you want without constant maintenance requirements. Choosing elements and a style that is fuss free with clever storage and a sophisticated color palette means you can enjoy your new design for years to come. Contact us at McDaniels Kitchen and Bath today and our design experts can work with you to plan your perfect kitchen or bath design.