Open storage is increasing in popularity in kitchen and bath design. It can look very stylish, but with its need for curating displays and dusting to keep it looking good, is it practical? The fact that it works in any design gives it an advantage over stylized closed storage but unless you reign yourself in, it can become cluttered. Do you want to go for the character of open storage but are hesitant about the maintenance? Read on to see if you’re convinced.

Awkward Spaces

If you have a small or awkward space in your bath design, the temptation is to leave it empty, A cabinet could be too much, but custom shelving is the answer. From a corner or narrow nook to a sloped ceiling, a light and airy shelving system can neatly fill the space and store and display everything from towels to vases, depending on its size. Go for a color and material to complement the style of your bathroom remodel and make use of all space.


Built-in shelving can be planned at the design stage. If your walls have natural recesses then make the most of them with floor to ceiling shelves, such as this bathroom remodel in Williamston.

Bath design with open shelves

Otherwise, design niches around your bathroom for small items such as candles or books. Incorporating recessed niche shelving around a bath or shower means you can tile it and store all your bathing essentials, without affecting your bathroom’s footprint. Make use of the space at the end of your tub with adequate shelving for towels and anything you’d like to admire at as you relax. Why not include a chic wooden bath tidy across your tub to bring warmth and character as well as holding soap and sponges?


Glass-Front cabinets open up closed storage units, but glass shelving is ideal for bringing as much light as possible to a bath design. It’s reflective and neutral nature means it can work in any bath design, especially for a small or dark one. You do have to keep glass clean to get rid of dust, smudges, and water marks. Also, don’t overcrowd glass shelving or you’ll undo its airy feeling. Glass jars and bottles make beautiful storage containers for flowers and small items such as cotton balls.

Floating space

Wall-hung vanities give a sense of space with their minimalist feel. While you don’t want to fill up the area underneath them with clutter, a shelf can hold accessories you might use here. Curate this area, while keeping it functional and it retains the open character of a floating fixture. Or, stick with closed storage and embrace the sleek, contemporary feel of a floating cabinet.

floating vanity cabinet

Contain clutter

Not everything is going to find a natural home in open storage. Small or non-aesthetic items need to be kept inside something. The good news is that there’s a container to suit every bath design. Small things can be filtered into cups, jars, or bottles to match your taste. Larger items can be stored in baskets made of wire, wicker, rattan, wood, linen…the list is endless. Different textures add interest to a monochromatic design. You can put towels or toilet paper in these containers on shelves or in cubbies. Your remodel will dictate whether formal or casual containers work. Or mix it up for an eclectic feel.

Repurpose Furniture

Give your bathroom design more character by bringing in furniture to store things on in your remodel. A little ladder can hold all sorts of things from towels to books. Try placing a cocktail table beside the bath for flowers, a candle, or a glass of wine. Stools, bookcases, and cake-stands can all display whatever you like in your bath design. Take a leaf out of your kitchen and bedroom storage to bring character to your bath design.

bath design with freestanding furniture

It is possible to have completely open storage in a bathroom but customizing a mix of options ensures that some items can be locked away and protected from mildew. Also, it helps to have a cabinet with outlets to store, charge, and power electrical beauty tools. If you’re prepared to keep shelving clutter and dirt free, the results from adding some open storage can be stunning. Why not take the leap and add some open shelving to your bathroom design storage solutions? Talk to our design experts today to see what storage would work best in your bath remodel.