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Summer is still in full swing, and that means barbecues and pool parties.  We love to make the most of these summer months by spending time outdoors, weather permitting of course (there’s always the chance of summer storms!).  If you really love cooking outside, take your barbecue area to the next level with an outdoor [...] Read more
Bathroom surfaces must be durable, hard wearing, and moisture resistant.  On top of this, we expect modern day bathroom designs to be a stylish extension of our home’s décor, to be functional and yet not too clinical, and to be a relaxing retreat within the home.  That’s a lot to ask of this one space [...] Read more
The kitchen is the heart of the home, hosting a multitude of activities, so lighting design is of utmost importance. Modern kitchen design incorporates more than cooking and dining areas. With layouts, storage and functionality built into a kitchen remodel for our every need, lighting design must be multi-purposed and layered to perform key tasks [...] Read more
A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to get that new freestanding tub or extra-large shower you always wanted.  It’s the opportunity to include customized storage for all your family’s needs so no one has any excuse to drop towels on the floor or leave their toiletries all over the countertop.  You start and finish [...] Read more
There is plenty to consider when doing a kitchen remodel. Are you updating your cabinets, choosing new countertops, appliances and floors? Or, are you completely changing your kitchen layout, knocking down a wall, and creating an open plan kitchen design? After deciding on the practicalities, choosing your color scheme and style will put your own [...] Read more
Bathroom design doesn’t have to be a serious business. Once you’ve met with a bath design professional and sorted out practicalities like layout and storage options, then it’s time to have some fun with the design elements that bring out your personality: textures, colors, and patterns.  Color and pattern are obvious ways to add interest, [...] Read more
Whether you have a large or small kitchen design, an enclosed kitchen or a great room, the foundation for any kitchen design is the layout.  Today’s kitchens are more than just a place to store food and cook.  They are multi-purpose spaces that combine traditional food-related activities with a more modern, casual approach to cooking, [...] Read more
Bathroom fixtures can make or break the look and feel of your new bathroom remodel, just as much as your color scheme and tile selections, and they are critical to how your new bathroom design will function. There are many options when it comes to fixtures, so it’s important to research the products you plan [...] Read more
You may think stone surfaces like granite or marble are the only choices for a kitchen remodel or bathroom design if you want to achieve a luxurious appearance.  If you have already seen our Definitive Guide to Kitchen Countertops, then you know that there are a wide variety of countertop materials on the market that [...] Read more
As one of the most heavily traveled spaces in your home, the kitchen floor is subjected to constant traffic.  This surface must be a durable material that can handle the moisture, food spills, and grease splatters that are ever-present in the kitchen. At the same time, the floor is a key element of your kitchen [...] Read more