We kicked off our 2024 Partners in Design event series with the perfect event for a cold January. Konny Zsigo of Park Lake Creamery joined us for a master class in the fine art of drinking chocolate. This was Konny’s second time participating in Partners in Design, and we were delighted to welcome him back for this delicious and educational event. Konny joined us in our Lansing, MI showroom on January 16th. All the participants enjoyed his presentation with tips on hot chocolate making and the opportunity to taste different types of drinking chocolate. Participants even had the opportunity to purchase the drinking chocolate varieties and Konny nearly sold out!

Partners in Design: Park Lake Creamery with Konny Zsigo 2024

All About Partners in Design

Our popular monthly Partners in Design event series provides an opportunity to welcome a local design partner into our Lansing, MI showroom. Every month is a brand-new event and a fresh opportunity to learn about a local business, the business owner’s story as an entrepreneur, and to find out about their area of expertise. Our monthly design partners range from gourmet chefs to art gallery owners, wine producers, and much more. McDaniels’ design partners are all local residents, each with their own unique story. These fun and educational events are a great opportunity to gather with friends and neighbors and to support local small businesses.

All About Park Lake Creamery

Located in Bath, Michigan, Park Lake Creamery is a local institution along the peaceful and picturesque Park Lake. Just a short drive from East Lansing, a visit to Park Lake Creamery lets you experience their beautiful location with a walk on the dock or sitting out on the deck, while enjoying delicious treats such as gourmet coffee, premium ice cream, and handmade chocolates, all made from scratch with wholesome ingredients!

Our January Event

January’s Partners in Design event with Park Lake Creamery focused on the fine art of drinking chocolate. Konny explored how a chocolatier makes hot chocolate in a variety of styles. After this delicious event, hot chocolate will never be the same! Konny prepared three varieties of hot chocolate, all made with hot water and not milk. These included:

  • Hot chocolate with a blend of milk and dark chocolate,
  • Spicy Mayan hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne spicy chocolate, and
  • Ganache with cornstarch, heavy whipping cream, and dark chocolate.

Participants got to sample all three varieties and enjoyed the different hot chocolate types so much there were no leftovers. One customer visiting the McDaniels design showroom even saw the event underway and asked how they could get in on the fun!

Konny told us all about how powdered chocolate is made and how to create the best hot chocolate. We learned that powdered chocolate is actually waste from processing chocolate. Konny told us that you should never use milk to make great hot chocolate, but instead use water, and you can be creative and make hot chocolate with any kind of chocolate blended with water. Konny brought bags of the classic blend and spicy Mayan chocolate that included recipes on the back, and he almost sold out! Konny also told us most of these drinks can also be made as mochas with coffee. Everyone enjoyed our latest event and left inspired by ideas for creating the best hot chocolate.

Here is a sneak peek at next month’s Partners in Design event:

On February 20th, we will welcome La Fille Gallery to our Lansing, Michigan showroom for our next Partners in Design event. This Lansing establishment is more than just a gallery! The gallery displays refined concrete carved art and is home to the internationally acclaimed artist, Tiffany Marie. La Fille has a 10,000 sq ft showroom, working studio, and event space spanning over four stories. Their gallery spaces let you immerse yourself in the artwork as well as the historic charm of the building and its restoration techniques. At our February event, La Fille Gallery with present:

  • The building’s history,
  • Tiffany’s artistic journey,
  • The Gallery Floor, Jazz Floor, and Vault floor,
  • La Fille’s amenities,
  • Past events held at the gallery, and
  • Looking ahead to the future.

We can’t wait to learn more about this amazing local business. Join us on February 20th from 3 – 4:00 pm.