We started the new year off right with the first of our 2023 Partners in Design events! Our January event was a fun and interesting session with Britt Simmons of Where the Wild Things Bloom. At this popular event held in our Lansing, MI showroom, Britt shared with us her inspiring story as a local business owner as well as her extensive knowledge of flowers and floral arrangements.

floral arrangement sitting on a countertop

All About Our January Partner in Design

Where the Wild Things Bloom was established by a mother-daughter creative team, who are passionate about making creations from their favorite medium, nature! They follow a philosophy of compassion and kindness, and focus on locally sourced, sustainable materials that promote community empowerment.

This local Lansing business specializes in wedding and event floral design that is tailored to the client’s style. The team creates a wide range of floral arrangements in any style, depending on the event and the client’s tastes. They have floral arrangements available in their shop and create custom pieces. The team focuses on achieving the highest level of customer service, and as part of this goal they deliver to events and set up their arrangements.

woman arranging flowers

At this event on January 17th, Britt brought examples of flowers and floral arrangement materials. She provided an excellent demonstration of a floral arrangement from start to finish. She also discussed techniques and methods, including more eco-friendly methods. Everyone enjoyed the session and Britt received a big round of applause at the end!

Here are a few of the insights Britt offered to our event participants:

  • She said she likes wire over foam for the base structure, and especially loves that this is an eco-friendlier option.
  • She completely replaces the water with fresh during each watering.
  • Every creation starts with a basic structure to create her lines for the design.
  • She removes leaves leading to the water because of the potential for bacteria from them.
  • For the main flowers, she uses the rule of the odd number of flowers.
  • She includes accent flowers (for color or as a vase filler) as needed to tie together the composition.
  • Foliage type of plants are used to hide the wire base.
floral arrangement

Our team is proud to partner with top local businesses every month in our popular Partners in Design event series. McDaniels welcomes participants to our Lansing, MI showroom to learn about and experience area businesses ranging from gourmet cooking to plants, specialty desserts, wine making, and much more. Every month we welcome a new design partner. Each event offers a fresh opportunity to learn a new skill, find out about another local business, and get inspired by the enthusiasm and insights of local business leaders. Contact us to learn more!

Here’s a sneak peak at next month’s design partner, Saper Galleries:

Saper Galleries is a world-renowned, award-winning gallery in East Lansing that serves art collectors from around the world. For 44 years, Saper Galleries has provided a reliable, honest, and quality service to thousands of art collectors. They own and inventory more than 1500 original works of art by 150 artists from 15 countries. Their beautiful building houses a museum like gallery, where artwork can be viewed and purchased. They also offer a superior, professional framing service by experts with degrees in art and training in design and color. Their team has the highest regard for preserving the artwork, photographs, and other memorabilia to be framed. Saper Galleries is the only Greater Lansing member of the Professional Picture Framers Association. They are called on to present at national and international conferences, so we are very excited to have them present in our Lansing, MI showroom!