When planning a kitchen design, there are so many decisions to make. Remember you are not just updating a purely functional space, but also a room where you will spend time with family and friends, celebrate holidays, share meals, and relax. Kitchens are truly the heart of the home, where everyone meets and where parties gravitate. Choose materials, fixtures, and a lighting scheme that creates the ideal atmosphere for your home life. You should also select a color scheme for your kitchen design that reflects the multifunctional nature of this space.

While white and other basic neutrals never go out of style for kitchen designs, it’s important to choose colors that resonate with you and fit your home’s style. If you love color, don’t be afraid to introduce it into your kitchen. It’s all about where and how you decide to introduce color – cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes, form the largest surface areas (other than your floor) in a kitchen design and so, naturally, define your room’s color scheme.

white kitchen cabinets and blue island cabinetry

Color can also be introduced through small sections of tile, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, accessories, and more. If you want to bring color to your kitchen remodel but don’t want it to dominate the room, then opt for colorful touches in small ways that can be more easily changed over time, set against a timeless, neutral backdrop. On the other hand, if you have a dark or bold color that you love and that you know will fit into your home’s style for the next 15 years, then go for it and let it dominate your kitchen’s style.

If you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen design color scheme, check out the latest trends to help you get started. Think about your personal tastes and look at the rest of your home to see how your color choices will fit into your home and lifestyle. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

gray and white kitchen design with open shelves in the island


The two-tone kitchen cabinet trend is still very popular and it’s easy to see why. You can either choose two different saturations of the same color or go for two contrasting colors. Your different color choices could be applied to upper and lower cabinets or to perimeter vs. island cabinetry. Whether you go for two shades of gray or select contrasting colors like white or natural wood upper cabinets paired with dark-painted base cabinets, this color scheme choice is an excellent way to add depth to your design. You could also select white or light-colored perimeter cabinets with a darker painted or stained island, which makes your kitchen appear larger and brighter and draws attention to the contrasting island.

You could also achieve a two-tone kitchen design by pairing a single cabinet color with a contrasting shade for your countertop and backsplash. For example, go for an on trend blue shade for your cabinets combined with a classic white countertop and subway tile backsplash. Alternatively, pair a dark countertop and backsplash tone with white or natural wood cabinets for a striking effect.

two-tone kitchen cabinet design

Shades of Green

Green tones have been through many incarnations in kitchen design color schemes in recent years, but the latest trends are moving toward sage instead of a darker green. It is a subtle green that works well as a neutral alternative. It also brings a natural influence to your kitchen style, for its namesake plant, and is a timeless, classic choice.

Other lighter, more organic greens like olive work well too in a kitchen design, giving your kitchen a natural feel, and pairing well with a wide range of tones for cabinet hardware, countertops, and tile. Natural green tones bring a sense of balance and peace to a kitchen design, making your space feel grounded in nature.

While these lighter, more organic greens have come to the forefront, dark or jewel tones are still popular too, including dark green. Set the mood with this tone for cabinetry and pair it with lighter walls and countertops to balance the dark shade.

Blue Tones

Evoke the feeling of the ocean, bring a sense of calm, and add a touch of luxury and elegance to your kitchen with darker blue shades. These shades work exceptionally well for cabinet paint colors. Give your space a crisp, clean feel, and pair blue cabinets with white countertops and backsplash. Or pair blue with natural wood elements such as countertops or floating shelves. Blue also makes an excellent option for the two-tone cabinet style discussed earlier, together with a contrasting color such as white, cream, or light wood.

If you veer into darker, midnight blue, your kitchen design will have the feeling of a calm, night sky. Alternatively, go for lighter or brighter shades, such as dusty blue or teal, to create an eye-catching style for your kitchen. Consider your cabinet hardware choices carefully, as the material and finish you choose can transform the look of your kitchen. Some shades work better with brass or gold, while others work well with polished chrome.

blue kitchen cabinets

Classic Neutrals

Shades such as white, cream, gray, and greige are traditional neutrals that have enough scope within their color palette to keep your kitchen classic without feeling boring. Dress it up with hardware and accessories that add a touch of color to this classic backdrop. You could also pair your white, cream, or gray cabinetry and countertop with a contrasting backsplash color. Another way to introduce color is through veining in your countertop material, which can be as subtle or as bold as you wish.

Add natural wood such as wood countertops or shelves to bring warmth to traditional neutrals. You could even balance soft neutrals with accessories carefully curated on open shelves or parts of your countertop space. Bring a natural influence with a wooden tray or cutting board, a vase of flowers, or a kitchen-friendly plant to add greenery to your kitchen year-round. Or use your accessories to add a bold pop of an accent color to an otherwise classic neutral backdrop. Choose countertop appliances in red, teal, eggplant, or any color you prefer, and carry this theme through into your hand towels and other accessories.

The Latest in Kitchen Design Color Schemes 2024

Warm, Earthy Tones

Nature-inspired shades of these popular colors create a warm, inviting atmosphere for any kitchen. Red tones veer away from primary colors and bring in more undertones of orange and brown for a dramatic look that is more welcoming than a bright red and pairs beautifully with a variety of countertop, backsplash, and hardware choices. Shades of brown can be brought into your kitchen design through painted or stained cabinetry and give your kitchen a truly earthy, grounded feel. Balance this with lighter-toned countertops and tile and include greenery such as plants or a live herb garden wall to bring your nature-inspired kitchen design to life. Warm shades of beige also give a kitchen remodel this warm, earthy feel in a more subtle color choice.

kitchen with brown cabinets

Natural Wood Tones

If you want to give your kitchen design a natural feel, consider outfitting it with natural wood tones that let the quality of your wood take center stage. Don’t go for a painted finish, but instead choose a light stain for your wood cabinetry that lets you see the wood grain.

This works well in any style kitchen design, but especially well with simple cabinetry such as Shaker style or modern slab cabinet doors. This means your design is all about the wood quality with limited embellishments getting in the way.

You could also add wood floating shelves, perhaps even with a live edge that adds a natural touch to your kitchen’s aesthetic. With natural wood as the foundation for your kitchen color scheme, you can choose from a wide range of accessories and countertop materials to accent the wood tones.

kitchen with light wood cabinets

Black and White

The clean, sophisticated look of black kitchen cabinets is still a popular choice but keep it from looking too moody with white countertops and backsplash to balance the dark cabinet color. Black-painted cabinets also work well with a range of hardware styles and finishes, and you could even consider changing hardware in years to come to update the look of your black cabinetry. Make sure your kitchen design has plenty of light, including natural light from large windows and glass doors, to keep it from feeling gloomy.

Another way to get a stylish black-and-white look for your kitchen design is to go for a two-tone cabinet style with a combination of black and white cabinetry. Or, like this kitchen design, pair black and white cabinets with black-framed glass-front cabinets used for display with in-cabinet lighting. This creates a stylish, dramatic effect with contemporary cabinet hardware and light fixtures for a cohesive design aesthetic.

black and white kitchen cabinet design

Find Your Ideal Kitchen Design Color Scheme

There are many choices to make when planning a new kitchen design for your home. Set the stage for your newly remodeled kitchen by choosing a color palette, which will help you create a style that fits in with and enhances your home’s style. Once you know your color scheme, choosing materials and finish for products such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, hardware, and more will be much more straightforward.

Remember that your kitchen is not just a functional space, but also the heart of your home where you gather to share meals, entertain, and relax. Choose a color scheme that gels with your home’s surrounding space, but also that creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere at the heart of your home. Our experienced design team can help you create your ideal kitchen design, find a color palette to enhance your space, and select all the products you need to complete your design vision. Contact us to get started!