This year sees exciting new trends for kitchen designs and bathroom remodels. If you’re considering a home remodel, we’ve gathered some of the latest looks to inspire you.


Spa style bathroom designs have been on trend but are increasing in popularity. The less you have, the calmer your room feels, so include customized storage to reduce clutter and stick to a few luxe fixtures and fittings to give you that spa feeling. The right lighting, towels and high-end accessories create a welcoming, Zen-like space that is far from sterile. The minimalist trend has also made an appearance in kitchen design, where a simple, de-cluttered style creates a space that is more efficient and lets your style shine through. Open shelving is very popular, as it creates an airy atmosphere in the kitchen, and encourages you to only keep what you need and curate those items neatly on shelves.

Bath design with wood look tile floor


Botanic influences on bathroom designs are bigger than ever in 2020. Plant themed wallpaper, pictures and tropical accessories liven up any bathroom. Houseplants and flowers bring an element of nature into your bathroom and sit happily beside brass pineapples and other bold accessories. Go as wild as you want, especially in powder rooms, as small spaces easily carry a bolder theme.


Kitchen design is really embracing metallics this year. Hammered copper, brushed steel and brass all instantly update your kitchen everywhere from hoods to metal shelving to sinks like the Lansing, MI kitchen design pictured below. Metallics aren’t just for an industrial or ultra-modern look. Appliances, fixtures and fittings all look good in a range of metal finishes to compliment any style kitchen design.

Kitchen design with copper farmhouse sink


Smart technology is becoming more accessible as we integrate it more into our daily lives. USB ports and charging points are de rigueur in new kitchen and bathroom designs. Mirrors that demist and transform into touchscreens go hand in hand with voice-controlled showers in our bathrooms. Faucet sensors, integrated entertainment and app-controlled lighting are features of both rooms. Smart refrigerators, trash cans and automated plumbing are just some kitchen design elements that are everywhere these days, making running a home much easier for busy families or for aging in place or mobility impaired family members.    


Marble is still popular for both kitchen and bath design but is now seen in rich, dark colors for a contemporary feel. Tiles and countertops are also moving away from white towards richer and warmer colors, featuring more natural materials and interesting shapes like hexagons and scallops for tiles. Countertops are sweeping down in waterfall styles or up into matching slab backsplashes, giving your room a streamlined appearance that complements the minimalist trend.

waterfall edge countertops


White and other neutrals will always be a classic choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but this year’s trends see a move away from all-white to warmer color schemes or pops of color.  If you want to keep white as your base color, you can achieve a stylish new look by injecting bold pops of color. Why not leave your upper kitchen cabinets white and change up the lower cabinet doors with Pantone’s 2020 color of the year- classic blue? A dark green or deep orange are also hugely on trend, and can be incorporated into cabinet finish, backsplash tile, or even small accessories. Appliances can also get the color treatment, especially in this year’s popular primary colors.

Bath design is turning to black with accents of strong greens and blues. You can mix and match colors or go completely monochrome for a striking, contemporary look. Or go for this year’s blue combined with stunning metallic finishes like the bathroom design in East Lansing pictured here.  While white, gray, and beige will remain popular choices for bathroom design, a darker color scheme creates a warm and inviting space that is perfect for relaxing.  If you decide to go for dark fixtures in the bathroom, keep your design minimalist with a few choice luxe fixtures.

bathroom design with blue vanity cabinet

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