2023 promises to bring new and exciting trends for interior design and home remodeling. Kitchen and baths are set to more spacious and multifunctional than ever before. Enhanced technology, mixed metals, and natural countertops are the forerunners along with appliances that increase convenience. Homeowners are seeking designs that are comfortable and able to cater for all their functional requirements as well as express their personality.

wood island with waterfall countertop

A design expert can help you plan your ideal kitchen or bath design, finding the perfect solution for your home, family, and budget, while avoiding potential pitfalls. Come and talk to us at McDaniels where we have a wide range of options and years of experience. Here are ten kitchen and bath design trends to watch out for when planning your 2023 remodel.


1. Smart Technology

Technology is increasingly incorporated into our everyday lives and the use of smart technology in kitchen and bath design is no exception. As technology advances, our lives become easier as our home living spaces embrace voice-activated appliances, touchless faucets, and integrated lighting.

Connecting appliances to devices means greater convenience but also saves time and energy. Install LED lighting to highlight shelving and include a temperature-controlled wine refrigerator to keep your collection at optimum temperature. Smart ovens let you manage cooking from your device, while smart refrigerators allow you to track supply and expiration of contents. An interconnected home makes it easier to manage key tasks, saving you time and creating hassle-free home routines.

kitchen design with large oven

Heated flooring is becoming standard in kitchen designs so homeowners can have year-round comfort. There is an increased focus on cooking gadgets and use of devices in kitchens. Set up dedicated spaces for storing and using small gadgets, as well as for charging and viewing devices in your kitchen design to reduce countertop clutter and make it safer to access electronic items in the kitchen.

2. Natural Stone Countertops

Recent years have seen a surge in bringing natural influences into interior design. This will carry on into 2023. Organic materials continue to be present in kitchen remodels in the form of wood cabinetry, shelves and natural stone countertops in particular. Quartz remains a popular choice, but different shades of marble and other dramatic stones will weave their way into the latest kitchen design styles.

Rounded edges and earthy tones contribute to this eco-conscious, serene aesthetic. Warm, natural shades such as honed limestone, work well with light oak cabinetry or flooring and accessories such as unglazed terracotta vases.

Natural stone is a timeless choice that works in traditional or modern designs and provides durability and longevity. The stone can be brought up to eye level in the backsplash or, especially with marble, be swept down into the floor in a dramatic waterfall countertop.

kitchen with granite countertop

3. Handmade Artisan Details

Kitchen remodels are increasingly including handcrafted details. Tiles, hardware, and pottery are all elements of interior design to be focused on in 2023. We spend so much time in our kitchens that these details add aestheticism and coziness, making them more homely and stylish.

Our living spaces are less clinical and magazine perfect as we embrace multifunctionality and reclaim a lived-in look. Custom storage is necessary to achieve this style to avoid a messy space. Your design should be organized enough that the homely details are well-thought out and do not create clutter.  Curated bookcases and farmhouse sinks are examples of the warmth and nostalgia that homeowners are introducing.

Acknowledging the functionality of kitchens brings warmth to designs. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so recognize this role by including all family members, including the furry ones! You can do this by incorporating feeding stations and sleeping compartments in an island or at the perimeter of your kitchen for pets. Mixing vintage and standard furniture is becoming more popular too as designs look to balance style with functionality.

4. Appliances

Appliances that make entertaining easier are very on trend this coming year. Over the last couple of years, home entertaining has become more popular. People are investing the money they would have spent on dining out in interior design details instead.

A warming drawer is the ideal solution to the stress of having parties, no matter how large or small the gathering is. It ensures that food is kept at the perfect temperature as you move on to other prep. It can also be used to let dough rise during breadmaking, warm plates, and some can double as a slow cooker.

The latest trends in cooking appliances also add to your culinary range while introducing healthier cooking options to your repertoire. Steam ovens combine baking with steaming, adding moisture to cooking without making it soggy. They preserve the flavor and nutrients of food, reducing the need for oils. Air fryers are another appliance that can be integrated into your oven. They bring together a heating element and strong fan to circulate air, making food crispy but moist on the inside with a fraction of the oil used in other frying methods.

kitchen design with double sink, oven and chinmney hood, and large refrigerator

5. Styles

Kitchen styles are often morphing into blended aesthetics, resulting in unique looks. The result can be a completely unique style or simply integrate different elements from the past to create an eclectic design.

For example, you could mix art deco and mid-century modern features for a geometrical design with clean lines and plenty of character. You could experiment with a smaller part of your kitchen design layout, such as a utility room or walk-in pantry. Try a different style there to complement the main kitchen remodel to bring new depth to your overall design.

The most popular kitchen designs this year are transitional, followed by contemporary and modern, with organic and farmhouse also featuring in today’s kitchen designs. Find elements in common that you like and feel free to mix styles in one of 2023’s hottest trends.

transitional style kitchen design with gray and white cabinets


1. Japandi Design

Japandi Design is a look that is gaining in popularity all the time. It is the perfect combination of all things Scandinavian and Japanese. Strong silhouettes, black stains and slatted wood are major components of a style that favors the current desire for organic materials. It is also the ideal combination to create another popular trend: spa style bathroom designs.

Japandi design brings a calmness to a bathroom design as it marries Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian comfort for a look that won’t date. Using organic textures and earthy colors transforms a design from a house into a home. Incorporating raw materials into these nature-inspired bathroom remodels make them feel part of the natural world.

A Japandi bathroom design makes us feel connected to our surroundings. Using greens, neutrals, and earthy tones, along with organic textures and natural wood, creates a cozy bathroom remodel that is open to being accessorized for instant updating any time you want to change up your style. Punctuating the space with houseplants at every level also enlivens your Japandi design and adds more depth to its calming, natural aesthetic.

2. Tiles

Bath design is welcoming more interesting tiles this year. Bold textured and patterned tiles are all in vogue, and the latest trends also see more mixing and matching tiles in a bath design. Pair different textures, create geometric formations, or add a block of color to create an eye-catching focal point in your bathroom design.

Texture adds depth and aestheticism, depending on how artisan the tiles are. Choose a lighting scheme that works together with your tiles, in order to reflect light or cast shadows, depending on your preference.

shower with textured tile in different shades of brown and beige

Tiles can be arranged to make a feature wall. Anything from a mosaic to a block or color can be stunning in the right tile for your design. Using bold tile in the shower enclosure makes it a focal point of the room and adds character. Zellige tile is classic and warm and has been growing in popularity in recent times. It is not too expensive, and its organic quality is right on trend at the moment.

3. Spa-Style Features

The most obvious spa-style feature in a bath design is a freestanding tub, which is more popular than ever for bathroom designs in 2023. The growing emphasis on self-care means more people wish to install a bathtub. They make a great focal point and add value to your home as they help to create the perfect high-end sanctuary.

Whether flat bottomed or claw foot, choose a freestanding tub that fits your personal style and enhances your bathroom design. You could also raise your tub onto a platform underneath a dramatic lighting fixture to make it the center of attention.

spa style bath design with freestanding tub and large, glass enclosed shower

Gold or brass hardware and plumbing fixtures bring another luxurious touch to the predominantly white backdrop of a spa-style bath design. Natural materials such as wood and stone warm up a minimalist spa design when used in flooring, wall panels, accessories, vanities, or countertops. Pared back quality with luxurious touches of glam are the main elements in this type of bath remodel.

4. Mixed Metals

This coming year brings a huge trend of blended metals in bath design. Brass, bronze, gold, stainless steel, and nickel are just some chic metal finishes that can be mixed to great effect. The end result is a rich and welcoming feel to your bath remodel. Unlacquered brass is another metal that is understated and can be easily integrated into any bath design.

Try different colors but keep your metal tones similar for a curated, cohesive feel. Copper and bronze are warm, for example, while nickel and pewter are cool toned. Brushed, muted finishes are proving popular to give a more natural look.

Metals can be used in faucets, sinks, light fixtures, backsplashes, light switches, power outlets, handles, storage containers, and accessories. Warm metals will have the edge in 2023, with gold and brass hardware being the ultimate bathroom metals.

showerheads with mixed metal finishes

5. Sustainable Materials

There is a definite move toward more classic designs that use natural materials. Sourcing and recycling potential is also being taken into account when homeowners are choosing elements of their bath remodel. LED lighting, electric radiant flooring, and eco-friendly faucets, shower heads, and toilets are all being sought after by sustainability conscious homeowners.

wood vanity cabinet with tower cabinet

Bespoke vanities add character to a bath remodel. Using materials such as stone and richly toned wood ensures that vanities are durable as well as timelessly elegant. Saving and repurposing vintage vanities from landfill brings warmth and interest to a remodel. Choosing responsibly sourced, quality materials and using pre-loved furniture are going to be huge trends this year as the focus shifts to sustainability in bath design.

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