The bathroom is a busy place where so many things take place, from indulging in “me-time” while you relax in the tub to hurriedly brushing teeth before running out the door. As you rely on it to perform so many tasks, your bathroom design needs to be highly functional, but because you spend so much time there, it should also be designed aesthetically.

Planning interior design for your home that expresses your style and taste should not exclude your bath remodel. High quality materials and features can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and restorative retreat. Look for ideas in our bathroom design gallery, or on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or Houzz. Take inspiration from exclusive hotel bathrooms with natural stone, warm woods, rich fabrics, glass and mirrors to culminate in your own high-end bath design. Here at McDaniels, we can transform a utilitarian space into a stunning, clutter free bathroom remodel that caters to your style and requirements.


How do you give your bathroom design a feeling of calmness with a gentle glow that can be amped up to full brightness when necessary? The answer lies in creating a layered lighting plan. Strong task lighting around mirrors let you perform key tasks like applying makeup or shaving. Decorative and ambient lighting in the floor, ceiling, open shelving and walls means there’s no glare from a direct light source. Voice-controlled dimmer switches allow you to control the amount of light you have at any time, to take you from bright task lighting to softer ambient light.

Glass and mirrors bounce even more light around the room and large windows mean natural daylight floods your bath design during the day. Choose unique lighting fixtures in modern shapes to update sconces or include more vintage options like chandeliers to add glamor to a bathroom remodel. Go large, for impact, but subtle details such as keeping a chandelier flush-mounted to the ceiling creates the same glamorous impact but gives you more space and so increases that feeling of luxury.

bath design with pendant lights


Shower technology and design is improving all the time to give you the ultimate showering experience. At McDaniels, we supply a wide range of showerheads, body sprays, and more, and can help you find the ideal combination to create your ultimate shower experience.  Products like the Delta HydroRain H2Okinetic two-in-one shower heads include both a raincan and regular showerhead and give you the choice of using one or both together for more coverage and intensity with a host of features. The Moen HydroRoller Massaging Shower has 6 massaging rollers and 3 water spray settings in a wide coverage shower head. Such innovations as these transform any shower into a high-end bathroom feature. Add a custom built Crittall door or a sleek frameless glass panel with a thresholdless design for a fresh, on-trend look. Large tiles or stone slabs are overtaking mosaic, penny or subway tiles in popularity, for a sleek luxury style that lets your shower make a huge impact in any bath remodel. As a bonus, slab or large tiles are much easier to keep clean so you can keep your luxury style sparkling with much less effort!

large open shower design


Wall-hung toilets are the perfect option for a minimalist, spa-style bathroom design. The space underneath allows for easy access when cleaning and makes the room feel larger and less cluttered. Pair this with wall-hung sinks or vanities to complete the look of your contemporary, luxurious bathroom design.

Hi-tech toilets come with an array of features such as temperature-controlled water spraying and air drying, seat warming and automatic closing. It’s also possible to get self-cleaning antimicrobial toilets with built-in carbon air extractors.

Why not get night-friendly sensor-activated lights in your toilet along with built-in speakers and internet access? There are even noise disguising features available, or perhaps you’d like a trendy toilet compartment with a wall or internal door around your toilet for extra privacy in your bath remodel.

bathroom design with wall hung toilet


Showers are becoming larger and more luxurious but that doesn’t mean that tubs are being pushed out of bath design. On the contrary, they’re becoming more design focused with their own range of luxe features in an array of shapes and sizes to fit anywhere.

You can choose a freestanding tub to be the focal point of a high-end bath remodel. Vintage-style claw-foot models are always impactful but current trends are embracing flat-bottomed tubs with more contemporary lines in a range of quality materials including wood and concrete. Place your bathtub in front of a window with a view, possibly raising it up onto a platform with faucet handles mounted on a nearby wall for a completely sleek, modern, look. Or go for a dramatic design statement with a floor-mounted tub filler.

Hang a statement pendant light overhead for a really impactful scene. Add extra features like massage jets, thermal controls, speakers and self-cleaning options to make bath time a sensory escape. If you have space, add a sauna to your bath design or include side-by-side soaking tubs in an expansive bathroom remodel to spend quality time with your loved one. Place bathing essentials on a rich wood bath caddy or a glamorous cocktail table alongside your tub. Or include a recessed storage niche next the tub when it is positioned along a wall. Such details enhance your relaxation time and take your remodel to the next level.

freestanding tub


We offer a wide range of the latest high-end faucets with innovative designs to enhance the style and functionality of your luxury bathroom design. One of the latest innovations is Delta Faucet’s sleek, modern faucet with an integrated spray wand that can be pulled down for effective clean-up of your sink. There are many other luxe faucets available with a multitude of features, such as water-flow controls and motion sensor options. LED faucets indicate water temperature through lights powered by running water.

The style and finish of your faucet can blend or contrast with its surroundings. Gold, matte black and stainless steel are always stunning options and brass has made a huge comeback this year. Adding brass faucets to a black marble sink, for example, guarantees an opulent look. The lines of your faucet style also set the tone for your style, ranging from intricate traditional styles to streamlined contemporary styles. For a truly opulent look go for a unique waterfall faucet that recreates the effect of a waterfall as the water runs into your sink.

bathroom sinks with gold faucets


Faucets aren’t the only small way to make a big impact. You can inject glamor into your bathroom design with the right hardware for your cabinetry. Brass leads the way in this field, especially if contemporized with a brushed finish and simple silhouettes.  Pick up the same tones in metallic accessories such as soap dishes, framed mirrors, storage containers, and wastebaskets to give a unified feel to your bath design.

Brass can also complement natural stone the way black metal complements veining in marble. Smooth wooden cabinetry in clean lines and fresh colors is always a perfect foil to the stark beauty of brass or black metal hardware. It enhances the hardware you choose and emphasizes its design and quality.

vanity with black hardware


If you’d rather not include hardware in your design, handle-less cabinets and drawers are increasing in popularity in bathroom design. This minimalist look gives a calm feeling to a bathroom as it hides the drawers which conceal the clutter. A waterfall vanity countertop accentuates the flow of this design and works beautifully in natural stone or rich wood, falling to the floor in the same material.

Floating vanities are also ideal for a spa-style bath design. Smart vanities include touchscreen mirrors with voice-controlled lighting. If old-school luxury is your thing then opt for a clawfoot tub and footed, furniture style vanity with crystal and gold accents throughout the room.

floating vanity


Tailor made, built-in storage is the way to store everything from cleaning products to styling tools in your bath remodel. Decide at the planning stage what you need to store, and your bath design expert will draw up a solution that conceals everything in an organized way. Mirror-fronted storage like a recessed medicine cabinet and internally compartmentalized cabinetry work hard to store everything and let your bathroom keep it’s zen vibes. Anything in niche or open shelving should be containerized or kept to a minimum so displays are neatly curated.

master bath vanity and backlit mirror


The floor is a vital part of your bath design. The material you choose for it determines how high-end the result will appear. Natural, organic wood and stone are perfect for a luxe bathroom floor and can bring warmth to an all-white design. Alternatively, get the look of wood paired with the durability of porcelain tile in a wood look tile floor. Cedarwood bathmats are also ideal, as are panels of river rock in front of your tub or for your shower floor. Underfloor heating with leak detection devices gives comfort and reassurance. You can also add warmth with slip-resistant rugs or even incorporate a floor design in mosaic tiles as an aesthetic centerpiece, repeating the motif around the room.

bathroom floor porcelain tile


Color is important in a luxury bathroom. The palette should be kept to a minimum to avoid making the room feel busy. Grays, greens and whites keep things fresh while neutrals and browns give a spa-style look. If pairing with white tubs and sinks, choose darker tones for a crisp contrast.

Blues suit coastal properties and pastels bring happy vibes. Blush pink is on trend and gently warms a design without looking old-fashioned. Navy, purple and reds lead down an opulent road, but use sparingly to avoid being too theatrical. If you are creating a powder room design, this small space offers an opportunity to go a bit bolder with your color scheme, patterns, and finishes.  Use your powder room as an opportunity to have fun and express yourself in a way that might not work in your master bath design.

Slabs of stone and panels of wood are also excellent ways to decorate bathroom walls. Elevate your bath design with an oversized mirror with a unique frame. Paintings, sculpture and designer wallpaper are luxe touches that bring a space to life if used in the right place.

Claw foot freestanding bathtub


Think carefully about what you display in your bathroom and invest in quality items. While it’s tempting to fill every space to add color and interest, this can overwhelm and distract from the design. Fluffy towels and one or two decent candles set the tone, along with fresh flowers and plants for a feeling of freshness. Plants purify the air and can make a room feel larger if placed high up.

Why not add seating, such as a pouf, lounge or make up vanity chair? Antique stools can make a statement and introduce a hint of vintage luxury to a modern bath remodel.  A bench upholstered in luxe fabric can add texture to an otherwise sleek bath design. Window treatments in natural fabrics also bring texture in a soft, romantic way.

It’s important to stop accessorizing before a space feels cluttered. Plan for an airy, spacious and calm design with subtle textures and maybe a pop of color to achieve a high-end look.

double sink vanity

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, so it needs to be special. Check out our bathroom design gallery for further luxury inspiration. Why not call us today to discuss how we can make your dream bath remodel a reality?