Is laundry day getting you down?  An effective laundry room design will not fix all your laundry woes, but it can create a space that allows you to keep your clothes and laundry supplies organized and your washes moving along smoothly.  You might even encourage the rest of the family to get involved!  A new design can also brighten up laundry day by adding stylish elements, creating a room that blends effortlessly with the rest of your home’s style.

Get started with designing your ideal laundry room by asking yourself these questions:

Where will it be located?

Gone are the days of laundry rooms being relegated to the basement or a hallway closet.  The laundry room can be situated wherever you have space and plumbing available, and where it makes the most sense for you.  This could be a full utility/laundry facility or a closet style laundry room.  It could be downstairs near your kitchen, upstairs near the source of your dirty clothes, in the basement, or in a hallway. If you are starting a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation, this could be the perfect time to re-examine where your laundry room is situated.

laundry room design

How will it be used?

Just like your kitchen design must fit you like a glove, so should your laundry room design be customized to your needs. How many people are there in your household and how much laundry do you typically do in a week?  Will your laundry room be used only for washing clothes or do you plan to line dry and iron in that room?  Will it double as a utility, storage, or mudroom?  Decide who will use the space, when, and in what manner and tailor your layout to these requirements.

laundry room design

How much space do you have?

Of course, you will be limited by the physical space available, unless you can move or remove a wall, or relocate the laundry room as part of your home remodeling project.  Look at your available footprint and decide how you will meet your list of requirements in this space.  An experienced home remodeling specialist can help you maximize available floor and wall space, but you should be prepared to prioritize your needs if space is limited.

laundry room design

Now that you know the what, where, and how big, let’s plan your laundry room design!

Washer/dryer configuration

The focal point of any laundry room must be the washer and dryer.  Look at what size machines you will have, and which configuration meets your needs.  Machines are typically situated side by side but sometimes can be stacked to save space.


At a minimum, allow storage space for laundry supplies including detergent, laundry baskets, iron, and ironing board.  If space allows and this is a multi-use room, include purpose-built storage accessories to house anything else from your vacuum cleaner to other cleaning supplies, pet food to spare canned goods, and much more.

Utility sink

Include a utility sink and countertop for work space.  This is ideal for washing delicates, but also useful for rinsing or washing anything else that you do not want to bring into your kitchen or bathroom sinks.  Pick a durable material, and preferably a deep bowled sink.

Room for laundry sorting

To really get your laundry room organized, include space for laundry sorting baskets.  This could be divided into whites, colors, darks, and delicates, or could include a separate basket for each family member if everyone does their own laundry.

Space to hang clothes to dry

Add a built-in drying rack or a rail to hang up clothes that require line drying.  Or, keep a freestanding drying rack accessible and allow floor space to set it up where it will not interfere with other activities.


Include space to store that bulky ironing board and iron, or even install a wall-mounted or slide-out ironing board.

laundry room with pull down ironing board

What else?

If your room is a multi-purpose space, consider what else you will use it for and include customized facilities to meet these needs.  The possibilities are endless, but here are few ideas:

  1. A bootbench is the perfect addition to a mudroom if your laundry room is connected to the back door or garage.
  2. Add school bag storage so the kids never have an excuse for dropping their bags in the middle of the kitchen.
  3. Sports equipment can be easily stored in a cabinet with customized shelves and pull outs, for every helmet, glove, and ball.
  4. If your family includes a lovable fur ball, add space to store your pet supplies, include a pet food station, and find an out of the way corner for your cat litter box.

On top of these practical considerations, don’t forget to add some personal style to your laundry room design.  Brighten up the space with white cabinetry or a colorful backsplash, include a favorite photograph or artwork, and don’t forget to include plenty of light.  Check our more laundry room designs in our gallery here or contact us on (517) 482-0748 to find out more about creating your customized laundry room design.

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