The day has finally come that you are tired of looking at your bathroom floors. When it comes to
bathroom designs or remodels, your choice of flooring may be the most important decision. Your
options are somewhat limited due to the fact that the flooring in this room, in particular, must stand
up to getting wet far more frequently than the flooring in other rooms. That said, there are still some
excellent options available to you.


Tile Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Tile Floors


  • This is a popular choice for bathroom floors because it is an inexpensive option, which
    comes in many color and style choices. These styles include patterns that make it look like
    wood or stone material. It is available in sheets or tiles.
  • Advantages: Inexpensive, many styles, water proof, tiles are easy to install.
  • Disadvantages: Sheets of vinyl, which offer superior waterproof performance due to no
    gaps between tiles, are difficult for do-it-yourself installations.



Ceramic Tile Flooring

  • This material is what comes to mind when you typically think of classic bathroom flooring. It
    also comes in many different styles including finishes that look like wood or stone.
  • Advantages: Combines the excellent attributes of being waterproof, good looking and
    relatively cost effective.
  • Disadvantages: It is cold and can also be slippery although texturing of the tiles can avoid
    this problem.


Laminate Flooring

  • This type of flooring is another affordable option like vinyl. It requires a base layer of dense
    fiberboard material installed underneath it. You must make sure to have no gaps between
    laminate strips or tiles that allow water to seep down to the fiberboard layers.
  • Advantages: Low-cost, wood-like appearance.
  • Disadvantages: Not as rugged or durable as most other bathroom flooring choices.


Granite Floors

  • This heavy, natural stone material will give you a bathroom floor with superior strength that
    should last a long time. A good material to use if you know you’ll be staying in the house for
    many years or if you want to add value to the home before selling.
  • Advantages: It is very tough and long lasting.
  • Disadvantages: This is a very expensive flooring option, and as a natural stone, it is porous,
    so it is less resistant to moisture than vinyl or laminate.


Marble Floors

  • Nothing says luxury like walking into a bathroom with marble flooring. You know you are in a
    home with an owner who both appreciates and can afford the finer things in life. As far as
    remodels that add value to a home, it should extremely impress any future home buyers.
  • Advantages: It is beautiful and elegant in appearance.
  • Disadvantages: If being very expensive was listed as a disadvantage for granite then you’d
    have to say that marble is extremely expensive. It also has the same porous problem as
    granite, so to maintain its pristine appearance, it will have to be sealed.


Choose What Fits Your Needs and Budget From a Reputable Supplier

The above flooring options provide you a variety of choices depending on what you are trying to
achieve and your budget. When it comes to bathroom designs and your flooring options, the friendly
folks at McDaniels Kitchen and Bath can give you the help you need to complete your ideal
bathroom remodel. We are in the Lansing, Michigan area, and we have a showroom that will blow
your socks off. Whether you’re looking for laminate flooring, granite floors, tile vinyl floors, ceramic
tile or just about any other option, we’ve got you covered.