We all want our bathrooms to be inviting places where we can unwind or get ready without stress. A remodeling project is the best way to update your bath design to make it both stylish and functional.

Planning a bathroom design lets you make a list of all your requirements and execute them. A bath design expert can help you with a customized bathroom designed to fit your tastes and family or a stylish, neutral design that is ideal for reselling your property. The basic requirements are a toilet, sink, shower, and, possibly, a tub depending on which bathroom you are remodeling. Choose a style in which you can find complementary accessories, fixtures, and fittings so your design reaches its full potential. Select a color palette that evokes your home’s style and includes adequate storage for a streamlined look. A bath remodel needs to be able to withstand daily use, so factor in durability, which is equally as important as style.

bath design with white vanity cabinet

Deciding on all these components can be daunting but at McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, we are here to help.  Here is our ultimate guide to what you need in a bath remodel.

1. Custom Storage

How do you choose between open and closed storage in your bath design? Maybe you don’t have to. Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from having both shelving and cabinetry.

Closed bathroom storage solutions should be custom-built to access bath essentials you’d rather keep out of sight. A streamlined vanity and medicine cabinet can incorporate sockets and charging points for devices and styling tools stored there. The cabinet doors and hardware should suit the style of your design, as should any containers or dispensers you use for smaller items on your countertop.

Open storage, such as shelving or niches, adds texture and character to a design as well as having a practical function. Keep open storage as curated as possible, being mindful of what you place there. It’s also essential to keep it and its contents meticulously clean and dust-free to maintain the standard of your newly remodeled bathroom.

master bath design

2. Toilet

The toilet is an essential component of any bath design. You can choose a basic model, fixed to the floor, or a wall-hung toilet for a more open and streamlined look. There are many smart and luxurious innovations that you can also embrace, such as height-adjustable, heated seats and automatic flushers. Shower toilets or washlets act as customizable bidets, with pre-programmed settings for each family member. There are bowls that can clean themselves, light up in the dark, and release a spritz of air freshener. There are toilets that can play music and mask noises.

You could install a stylish wall to wrap around the toilet for privacy in a master bathroom designed for two. In a spacious master bath design, consider including a separate toilet compartment for complete privacy. The seat and flush button or handle should suit your overall style as the devil is in the detail for a successful bath design.

bath design with wall hung toilet

3. Tub

A tub is a welcome addition to a bath design. If your space is limited, you can always install a shower/tub combination to have the best of both worlds. Drop-in or alcove tubs are always popular but freestanding models bring something extra to a bath design. Clawfoot styles work well in a traditional bath design but flat-bottomed tubs are a top choice due to their minimalist chic.

Consider placing your tub near a window to enjoy any views you might have. Lie back in a slipper tub with a supportive raised edge and add massage jets for ultimate relaxation time. Tubs with doors at the side are also excellent for accessibility in a universal bath design. Depending on the style and positioning of your tub, select a tub filler or bath faucet that fits your requirements and enhances your style. Dramatic floor-mount tub fillers are ideal for a freestanding tub, while deck-mount or wall-mount models may suit an alcove tub better.

freestanding bathtub

4. Shower

Why not combine relaxation and efficiency with a high-end showering experience? Include an open-plan wet room or a large thresholdless shower in your bath design to accommodate two shower heads, if required. This curbless design is also ideal if you have aging-in-place in mind or any family members with limited mobility. A natural stone or tiled floor with a linear drain keeps this stylish shower design highly functional. Niche storage and seating can also be included for a streamlined area to relax in.

Consider your showerhead choices in terms of both style and functionality. Choose fixtures with a line and finish that matches your bathroom’s design aesthetic. Consider including both a standard or rainfall showerhead as well as a handheld showerhead to enhance your showering experience. Embrace technology for further enjoyment and functionality and consider voice-controlled lights, music, water temperature, and pressure. Starting your day with a luxurious shower gives untold benefits and lets you reap the reward of a well-planned bath remodel.

large thresholdless shower

5. Vanity

Your vanity is a piece of furniture that defines the style of your bath remodel. The color and finish of the materials you chose are a major part of your design

It should be custom-made to maximize storage potential and solve the problem of clutter. A double vanity is an excellent option for a master bath, giving more storage, counter space, and a sink for each person.

Undermount sinks in a natural stone countertop or vessel sinks on hardwood are both stylish choices. If you want a sleek, spa-style look then go for a floating vanity to open up your design and, on a practical level, make it easier to clean your floor. As your vanity is such a defining component of your bath design, you should invest in the best quality materials you can.

large blue vanity cabinet with center tower cabinet

6. Lighting

A decent lighting plan is worth considering when planning your bath design. Natural light should come in via windows and then be bounced off mirrors and light, glossy surfaces. This bright airiness makes a bathroom a calming place to be during the day.

Layering your artificial lighting plan is important for any interior design and can make a huge difference to a bathroom, which is used from morning until night. Ambient, task, and accent lighting around the space combine to make a stylish lighting design that works in different ways, as required.

Sconces, recessed, and decorative lighting can be placed strategically around the space to highlight, lowlight, illuminate, and create the mood you want. Voice-activated lighting lets you change the settings from the comfort of your bathtub or shower. Energy-saving automatic lighting responds to someone entering or leaving the bathroom. LED-lit mirrors can be adjusted to prevent shadows and glare on your reflection. Placing lighting behind mirrors gives an atmospheric floating effect. Take your light fixtures into account as well as the material and style to ensure they work with the look you have chosen for your bath design.

bath design with black light fixtures

7. Ventilation

To prevent black mold and other moisture damage to your bath design, it’s imperative that your ventilation system is high performing. Some ventilation can be noisy, making your bathroom a less relaxing place to be. You don’t need to compromise on power by choosing a quiet model.

One cubic foot of power per minute for each square foot of space should be adequate for your bath remodel. This will remove odors and moisture from the air, making your bath design feel fresh but also increasing its longevity. Whether you have a wet room or a traditional bathroom design, good ventilation will keep it functioning well and preserve its style and contents.

8. Underfloor Heating

Bathroom floors are generally made from practical and beautiful waterproof materials. These durable options can be cold underfoot though. At the planning stage, include underfloor heating in your bath remodel to make your design inviting and comfortable. It is a worthwhile investment as it pays off in the long run.  Underfloor heating is installed before your flooring is laid and is great underneath all kinds of materials from linoleum to stone tiles. It is a very efficient way of heating your design and dries a wetroom floor very quickly.

bath design with floating vanity and freestanding tub

9. Countertop

The countertop you choose for your vanity can change your design instantly. A good quality material elevates the tone of your bath design and is easy to maintain. Materials such as granite, quartz, marble, and concrete are all quality countertops that take your remodel to the next level.

Choose a color that will complement your overall scheme. Dark marble or granite countertops could pop against a white bath design or blend beautifully with rich walls and floors. Materials like solid surface and enameled lava also bring a host of choices for color and finish in your bath remodel. Quartz is a classic choice that is also durable and easy to maintain. Your choice of countertop can make a statement or represent an understated style, making your bath design unique to you.

bath design with quartz countertop

10. Faucet

The hardware in your bath design should complement your fixtures and fittings for a cohesive design. The material you choose for your faucets should be low maintenance, durable, and stylish. Brass or gold-toned finishes have become more popular than matte black this year. Stylish finishes include oil-rubbed or brushed brass, and these are good surfaces to disguise water spots on your faucets.

Touchless faucets are a great way to eliminate fingerprints. They’re also eco-friendly as they cannot be left on accidentally, so reduce water wastage. Since they are low maintenance and automatic, they are also ideal for a universal bath design where you are designing for family members of all ages and accessibility needs. Touchless brass faucets really bring both practicality and the latest style to your bath remodel.

Choose well-crafted, quality items to accessorize your bath design with. Ensure that everything, from the toilet paper holder to the cabinet hardware and light fixtures work together for a cohesive design. This gives a feeling of calmness and a polished look. Necessities, such as towels, can also be displayed neatly to add texture or color. Rugs or bath caddies can be planned to work in the same way.

bath vanity with two handled faucet

At McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, we can guide you through the bathroom design process. You’re in good hands as we listen to your requirements and then plan and help you select the ideal products for your dream bath design that will stand the test of time.