The ideal kitchen design is both functional and stylish, and effective storage is key to maintaining the kitchen long after your kitchen remodel is complete. Including a pantry with customized storage is the ideal way to declutter and organize your remodel, while a well stocked and accessible pantry makes cooking and entertaining much easier. Pantries come in all shapes and sizes, so even a smaller kitchen design can include one without compromising the style of a remodel.

kitchen pantry roll outs

Good Things Come in Small Packages

What if your kitchen design is compact? A pantry just needs to be somewhere without natural light and away from heat sources. If your space is limited, why not adapt an alcove, placing shelves at different heights to store as much as possible? A sliding or bi-fold door gives a sleek finish to your nook pantry. Preserve space in your kitchen footprint by transforming a closet into a beautiful pantry, provided it has adequate ventilation. A cellar can be remodeled as a spacious pantry and could even incorporate customized wine storage! For a pantry integrated into your kitchen cabinets, the key is to include customized storage accessories to keep everything organized.

kitchen pantry with roll outs

The More the Merrier

If you have a little more space available, then you could add a larger pantry with optimal storage potential. Everything should be visible at a glance and not piled on top or behind each other. Handy solutions like shelf inserts double storage capacity. Deep drawers are ideal to store heavy things like cans or small countertop appliances. Baking trays and cutting boards are better stored on their sides, separated by tray dividers, for easy access. Lazy Susans and pull-out shelving or rollouts maximize the efficiency of any pantry, regardless of size.

kitchen cabinet with tray divider

The Sky’s the Limit

If your kitchen design is large enough to incorporate a spacious pantry, then you really can clear the decks and countertops for a calm and stylish kitchen remodel. In a spacious kitchen consider installing a walk-in pantry or even a butler’s pantry that incorporates extra countertop workspace. Take gadgets you rarely use and seasonal items and put them on the highest shelves of your pantry. They can be easily accessed when needed and out of your kitchen cabinets. Even a small pantry should dedicate space to these things with clever custom storage. Include a cart for baking or barbecue supplies that can just be wheeled out of the pantry without fuss when you need it.

See the Light

If you have natural light in your pantry then ensure the windows can be fully covered to block sunlight. Using containers that are airtight and not transparent mean food such as spices stay fresher for longer. Less light-sensitive food can be kept in glass jars so it’s easy to see what you need to re-stock. Details like having pantry containers in the same style as your kitchen take your remodel to the next level. Plan your lighting at the design stage to suit your pantry style.  A walk-in pantry needs plenty of light to see everything you have stored, while a butler’s pantry may require targeted task lighting for work areas similar to your main kitchen design. Sensor lights are particularly good for pantries as you often have your hands full when leaving.

kitchen design with pull out pantry

Put Yourself in The Picture

Whatever size your pantry is, once you have customized your storage requirements, it’s time to inject some personality. Go for interesting wallpaper or bold paint colors. Blackboard paint comes in more than just black, and could be used on an entire wall, or a section, to chalk up grocery lists or inspirational messages. Pictures and photos will make your pantry feel like part of your home and not just a storeroom. Whatever cabinetry or shelving you install they should sync with your kitchen style for a cohesive approach.

A highly functional and on-trend pantry is an asset to your home. It ensures your kitchen design stays as uncluttered as the day it was installed. Your countertops can be kept clear and shelves well-organized while your pantry does the hard work.  Talk to our kitchen design experts today to discover the many pantry options available to complement your kitchen remodel.