We all know that the darker the mornings, the harder it is to get up. Getting ready in a cold bathroom design makes you want to dive back under the covers and forget about the whole thing. Generally, we can’t do this, so the issue of the chilly bathroom must be addressed. It’s easy to create a cozy sanctuary with some planning and by adding a few key elements to your bath design, from the floorboards up.


When embarking on a bath remodel there are so many things to decide on. Flooring is an important consideration and underfloor heating takes the pain out of stepping onto beautiful, but cold tiles. Rugs are a great option, but nothing compares to heat rising from the floor.

Bath design with under vanity lights

There are two types- electric and hydronic (water) but electric is easier to install in a small space such as a bathroom. It’s worth doing when your floor is being renovated and its energy efficiency will save you money in the long run. Underfloor heating always adds value to a home, so it’s a bonus whether you stay or sell.


Radiator towel warmers can be an additional (or in a small space the sole source) of heat. Heated towel bars are also a great idea. You can really make a statement with both as they come in all shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your bathroom remodel. Whether minimalist or traditional style, they should be placed near your bath or shower, so a warm towel is always close at hand. Don’t forget to add a hook for a cozy bathrobe too. Now there’s no excuse to be shivering after a shower.

bath design with towel hook


When considering how to warm up your bathroom design, don’t forget your frequently-used shower! It can make or break how you set yourself up for the day or unwind in the evening. Rainfall showerheads or massaging shower panels are worth the investment. For the ultimate spa experience though, steam showers have many health benefits and you’ll never look back. Add a built-in shower bench or seat so you can relax and enjoy your relaxing, warm shower.

Bath design with large shower


There are few things more annoying than a bath going cold as you’re enjoying a good book. To prolong your relaxing bath time, go for a tub that will retain heat longer. Metals such as brass or copper make stunning bathtubs, or soapstone might suit your bath design better and keep bubbles warm on winter nights. Hanging a curtain around a tub gives a feeling of luxury and a cozy hideaway. Candles and other ambient lighting keep any cold feeling at bay as well. Paint or tile the wall around your tub in a spicy red or orange and bask in the warmth it radiates.  Or, go for a soaking tub for a really warm, relaxing experience like this bathroom design in East Lansing.

Making Your Bath Design Look Warmer 2024

Don’t just visualize your bathroom with the windows thrown open in the summer. When doing a bath renovation, it’s important to plan for all seasons.  Look for inspiration in our bathroom remodeling gallery and talk to our Lansing, MI bathroom design professionals today to embark on a bath design that will change your life this winter.