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Category: Kitchen Design

When planning a kitchen design, there are so many decisions to make. Remember you are not just updating a purely functional space, but also a room where you will spend time with family and friends, celebrate holidays, share meals, and relax. Kitchens are truly the heart of the home, where everyone meets and where parties [...] Read more
Kitchen designs are a central point in today’s home, where we do everything from store and cook food to dine, relax, and entertain. The latest kitchens are often interconnected living spaces, either in an open plan first floor or linked to adjacent dining and living areas through open doorways. Since your kitchen is such an [...] Read more
Effective storage is essential for a stylish and high-functioning kitchen design. Cabinets, islands, and open storage are integral parts of a kitchen remodel, offering varied types of storage solutions. A key element of kitchen storage is the pantry, which must be incorporated into the kitchen design to ensure you have ample and well-placed storage for [...] Read more
Are you planning a new kitchen design or just looking to update your existing kitchen? One way to freshen up your home’s look and improve your kitchen’s functionality is by updating your kitchen lighting. Lighting plays an essential role in a kitchen but also influences your room’s style and the mood of your space. Our [...] Read more
Flooring for a kitchen or bath remodel needs to be durable and stylish. They are both high-traffic areas and moisture-prone so, therefore, need to be able to tolerate a certain amount of water. There are many choices for flooring materials, but hardwood and luxury vinyl are two of the top options for today’s hard-working and [...] Read more
A kitchen remodel is an exciting endeavor but can be a daunting one too. Kitchen remodels involve many elements and must balance functionality and style to create a space where you can cook, dine, help with homework, relax with friends, and entertain. One of the essential, but often overlooked, elements of a kitchen design is [...] Read more
Kitchen remodeling often incorporates adjacent living areas into the design, particularly in open plan kitchen designs. Integrated first floor living is a layout that seamlessly blends style and functionality throughout the interconnecting rooms. In the past, it made sense to have self-contained spaces with specific functions. These days, modern technology and design techniques allow for [...] Read more
The kitchen is truly the center of family life, where everyone gravitates during a party and where everything happens from family dinners to homework. We have high expectations for today’s kitchen designs. They must be multi-functional work and living spaces, and balance style with functionality. That’s a tall order! The foundation of the kitchen is [...] Read more
There are many factors to consider when planning a new kitchen or bathroom design, including your chosen style, storage needs, technological innovations, and the room’s layout. Creating a design that is also low maintenance will help to ensure it remains stylish and highly functional. The best way to keep your newly remodeled space in good [...] Read more