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Category: Kitchen Remodeling

Remember, in Back to the Future II, when Marty’s mom popped a small disk into the oven and then five seconds later a delicious steaming pizza was waiting to be eaten? Kitchen technology may not be quite at the point of transforming disks into pizza, but incorporating high tech is one of the latest trends [...] Read more
Kitchens are the heart of the home, and must be up to the practical task of keeping everyone in the house fed.  They are also a magnet for visitors, where everyone congregates for coffee, a glass of wine, and to chat.  Today’s kitchens are also more integrated into the home’s living spaces, particularly with open [...] Read more
Is de-cluttering your Lansing area home on your list of goals for 2019? Tidying up your home is a hot topic these days, but it’s not always easy to get started.  You spend so much time in the kitchen and, particularly with an open plan kitchen design, probably find it is the place where everyone [...] Read more
When it comes to working hard in the kitchen, the humble faucet is hard to beat. From filling pots and washing hands to supplying drinking water, it performs so many basic tasks. It also must physically fit into your kitchen design and complement your overall style. Consider what your requirements are before exploring the faucet [...] Read more
Kitchen Designs Perfect for Entertaining in Your Lansing Area Home! As we enter the holiday season our thoughts turn to spending time with others and hosting gatherings in the home. While you might sometimes wish for Downton-Abbey style entertaining, the reality of hosting parties in your kitchen needn’t be daunting. Having the right kitchen design [...] Read more
As Fall sets in, days become shorter and you’re up to your knees in snow before you know it! Spring cleaning is great for brushing away cobwebs and welcoming the sun, but we should prepare just as much for cold weather. From unearthing slow cookers to installing underfloor heating, there are all kinds of things [...] Read more
There is a perfect kitchen sink for every kitchen design in Lansing, East Lansing, or any mid-Michigan location. There’s so much to consider when designing a kitchen to suit your needs. The kitchen sink is the real work-horse of a kitchen design, where meals begin and end. The size, shape, material and location of your [...] Read more
The kitchen is the heart of the home, hosting a multitude of activities, so lighting design is of utmost importance. Modern kitchen design incorporates more than cooking and dining areas. With layouts, storage and functionality built into a kitchen remodel for our every need, lighting design must be multi-purposed and layered to perform key tasks [...] Read more
There is plenty to consider when doing a kitchen remodel. Are you updating your cabinets, choosing new countertops, appliances and floors? Or, are you completely changing your kitchen layout, knocking down a wall, and creating an open plan kitchen design? After deciding on the practicalities, choosing your color scheme and style will put your own [...] Read more
Whether you have a large or small kitchen design, an enclosed kitchen or a great room, the foundation for any kitchen design is the layout.  Today’s kitchens are more than just a place to store food and cook.  They are multi-purpose spaces that combine traditional food-related activities with a more modern, casual approach to cooking, [...] Read more